#16-Year-Old Writes Book, Emerges Best Student At Valedictory Service


A sixteen-year-old girl, Eniola Yusuf, has written a book, titled, ‘Crossroads at Childhood.’

She was also the valedictorian at the send-forth of Peaklane College International, Lagos where she went home with six awards.

In an interview with our correspondent, Yusuf said she love reading novel, writing and singing in her spare time.

She said, “The book is centred around the protagonist of the novel, Raji Titilayo. It is basically about how she was living happily with her family until she lost her parents on a day that was supposed to be her birthday.

“She faced so many tragic events, still her bravery and resilience which is worth emulating enabled her to get the way she deserved at the end.

“I won’t really say I got the inspiration to write the book from anywhere in particular. As a young girl, who is conversant with the happenings in the world and who understands that at one point or the other we would all go through unfavorable experiences? So, this is me just putting a few of such experiences in writing.”

Eniola’s father, Mr Femi Yusuf, while speaking with our correspondent, advised parents to always give their children the needed support to excel in life.

“I gave her (Eniola) all the necessary encouragement when she was writing the book. I’m not in support of parents choosing career for their children. I allow all my children to choose the course they want to study, mine is to give them support,” he said.

Eniola’s teacher, Mr Oluyemi Mosaku, said, “She is a conscientious, hard-working student that works independently and is self-motivated. She consistently puts forth her best effort into every task given in class and she exceeds expectations of teachers with the quality of her work and presentations.”

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