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#2023: Difference Between Being Batified And Obidient, Detailed Analysis. Must read. Rating ******

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“I was on a phone call with a friend and in the end he said *he hoped I was “Obidient”.*

*I told him I am actually “Batified” with no apologies.*

He wondered, “How “?

*And I wondered back to him, “How not ?”*

Without going into the arithmetical impossibility of Obi winning, I asked *what was Obi’s legacy beyond being frugal?*

*And how many countries ever developed by having a frugal leader?*

*Did the frugal Julius Nyerere develop or under developed Tanzania?*

*My decision on supporting Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is for three (3) reasons:*

First, *I don’t believe any single leader can transform Nigeria. We are far too crazy for that. What we need is someone who can build a team that will work for Nigeria even when the president is doing other things. And the only contestant that has a record of identifying and building such great men is the Jagaban, Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu.*

*Obi was Governor in Anambra for 8 years, you can’t name one single great man he identified and then built.*

*The only man he made and imposed is ex-Governor Willy Obiano. But you know what? They abandoned each other just after two years.*

Is that the man you want to hand Nigeria over to? May God forbid bad thing!

*Secondly, I see restructuring and devolution of powers as a major solution to our instability and undevelopment.*

*This, again, can only be done in partnership with the North, which has the majority population and presently seems to benefit from status quo.*

*So, Northerners would only yield ground to a man they trust, who can make them believe it would favour them also.*

*Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar can’t do that because, right in his heart, he doesn’t believe in it.*

*Mr. Peter Obi does not even have the liver at all or trust of the North to try it.*

So, Obi would just keep complaining, if elected by chance.

This is why, of the trio of Tinubu, Atiku and Obi, *only Tinubu has the guts, the trust of the North, and can play the right politics to achieve that.*

Finally, people fought for this democracy but those who colluded with the military were the ones that initially got power in 1999 unfortunately.

*This is the first time someone who was an apostle of June 12 and who fought for this democracy has a chance to lead what he fought for.*

Where were Atiku and Obi during the struggle for democracy?

*They will contest this election, lose and congratulate Tinubu for his victory at the end of the day*

If they choose to run to the election tribunal it would be within their rights but judgement would be against them.

Thank you!

They say Tinubu is a thief. That he drove bullion vans into his compound. *I ask them whose money did he steal? I ask them whose money is missing?* They go mute.

They say Tinubu is a criminal. *I ask them which crime he committed and which court in the land or outside convicted him of the crime,* they all go mute.

They tell me Tinubu is godfather of Lagos and he is very bad for democracy. I say alright. Then I asked, *Is wisdom not judged by what it can achieve. Using all known indices of good governance and prosperity, is there any state in Nigeria that can rival Lagos?* They cannot tell me. They go mute.

I ask them, don’t we all want to be Lagos? They say yes, so I ask them, *if Tinubu is the brain behind this Lagos that we all are proud of & lives in with preference to others, then why can’t we replicate his genius all over the country?* They mumble what I can’t hear.

They say Tinubu is a Muslim and that is the problem. I ask how? Tinubu’s wife is a pastor in a big Pentecostal church. So I ask, *how many of them who are Christians have Muslim wives & didn’t Atiku convert his Christian wives to Islam?* They can’t answer.

I ask again, *does Tinubu relate with anybody in Nigeria based on religious belief?* They know the answer but they will rather prefer to keep mute.

*They say Tinubu is greedy. I say OK. So which of them will be able to elevate their own subordinates to the Zenith like Tinubu has done without feeling diminished?* They can’t tell me.

They say Tinubu is the problem. I say how? *Has the man held any position since he left office in 2007?* They know the answer but they just can’t say.

*I ask them, “is their any Nigerian alive not holding a government position as influential as Tinubu today?* They can’t answer.

*And so I tell them, there is something this man is doing, there are principles that he is following, there are values that he holds strong that you can’t just put down.*

*There is something about Tinubu in my opinion. So why not just let him unleash his genius for the benefit of Nigeria?*

*When I say that, they look at me bewildered. But that is where I stand. And I stand here not because of any other person.”*

_Alesta Wilcox is a chartered Accountant and a social commentator _

Great. This is how a support for a candidate should should be presented NOT by cursing, insulting, harassing, bullying and abusing people that have different views or opinions from theirs.

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