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#2023 Elections Fallout: Warning To Yorubas & Ibos To Give Peace A Chance – National Patriots.

I am appealing to you and others to simmer down so as not to ignite an ethnic war at this rate on Yoruba soil because it may have been programmed to happen .

Once you know your neighbour you will guide against his excesses lawfully in some tactical ways

When lagos State was appointing Igbo commissioners we warned against it, when a whole trade zone Alaba /FESTAC was slowly being taken over we alerted lasg to curb it we were ignored .and today these are their strongholds , we also allowed the take over of lekki ikoyi and Ajah axis because of our lack of communal spirit like the Ibos and hausa / fulani .

If someone lives in your boys quaters and decides to host his visitors in your living room and you allow him because he is going to give you dinner and some shishi dont you know that he will soon ask you to vacate your bedroom on his wedding day ?.that is the story of other tribes Ibos in our Urban areas and fulanis in our Rural areas in yorubaland .

Dubai , Singapore and most countries dont just allow you to take over their territories because they know they will regret it Great Britain is another example like yorubaland with the take over by Indians and Arabs and they are regretting it today

So many have warned against it in the past God bless ‘Baba mi ” his famous words is “e mo awon people yii ni ” now we know better .

The mosquito has landed on our scrotum we must wisely know how to get rid of it .
In this case we have no choice than to make laws that will indiginise our land and properties call it tribalisim i dont care .

Even with this proposal and all we know and can do sadly all the complainants and agitators will not move from their bedroom to sponsor the bill . We are lazy to act but quick to talk and our talk has now become bullshit.

Obi from all that we can see cannot win the national election but can spoil Tinubus chances and mar Atikus future but in our foolishness and siddon look attitude Ibos might win Senatorial and house of Rep seats in lagos and if care is not taken have a sizeable nos of people at the State House of Assembly and start making laws .Have we not left it too late ? Time will tell

For now we must avoid any crises in lagos or any part of yorubaland .

We are now fighting a commercial take over of our land with the ibos and political dominance of our polity by the Fulanis with no plans or strategies or even the will power and men to engage all the battles .

What a race ? What a tribe ? 60 years after Ogunde waxed Yoruba Ronu we are still unable to think as one and act as one until we loose all we had .
Yoruba sora won di ball ti ara aiye gba ti won ba gba wa soke won atun gba wa sile



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