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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

#2023: Obi Set To Lose SE As Gunmen Attack LP Meeting In Enugu.

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Gunshots Everywhere : Peter Obi Set To Lose Votes As Unknown Gunmen Disrupt LP Meeting At Enugu.

The threat of unknown gunmen is becoming unbearable by the day. Yesterday in Enugu, a group of heavily armed men went to proudly disrupt a Labour Party meeting, arriving at the scene with gunshots heralding everywhere.

They confidently documented their devastation and havoc while claiming that their mission is to prevent elections from taking place in their so-called Biafra land.

This is a sad development for Nigerians and a setback for the LP presidential candidate, Peter Obi, whose supposed stronghold is the Southeast.

This is a heinous and regrettable event; the people of the South East have given these thugs too much leeway to operate, and now it appears they are coming after their people with full force, all in the name of realizing Biafra.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think: are these people even fighting for themselves? They have gradually destroyed their states’ economies, and now they want to cripple their sole presidential candidate.

See the Video below…

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