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#30 years Ago, TINUBU left Mobil, Atiku left Customs.

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30 years ago, TINUBU left Mobil, Atiku left Customs. They both joined Shehu Musa Yar’adua Group called People’s Front of Nigeria PFN. PFN later merged forcefully with People’s Solidarity Party PSP of AZika and the marriage was pronounced by IBB’s decree.

Tinubu contested and won a Lagos senatorial election. But when IBB banned all old generation politicians just to disqualify Yar’adua, Yar’adua put Atiku forward to run for President. Prior to this time, Tinubu had jettisoned his Senate Presidential ambition to pave way for a Southern President. At the Jos convention, Abiola and Adedibu had a long meeting with Yar’adua to drop his boy Atiku from the race so that Kingibe would not defeat MKO in the primary. Yar’adua initially refused until people like Adedibu, Tinubu, Oladipo etc reminded him how they supported him against southerners before IBB disqualified him. Yar’adua eventually surrendered and Atiku backed down, not willingly.

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