#Hushpuppi’s birthday: Friends, admirers, beneficiaries of his benevolence forgot him


How are the mighty fallen and their birthdays which are usually an international carnival suddenly forgotten?

Yesterday October 11, was other birthday of Nigerian Instagram celebrity Ramon Abbas commonly known as Hushpuppi or Ray Hushpuppi.

Hushpuppi’s birthday is usually celebrated in pump and pageantry. The fanfare and jamboree of his birthday usually stress all social media platforms and especially the Instagram to its flashpoint.

But Ramon Abbas’ birthday was forgotten and ignored yesterday by friends, associates, admirers and all who usually benefit from his alleged ill gotten wealth.

Abass is facing criminal charges in the United States of America for conspiracy in money laundry and internet frauds.

For fear to be seen as Hushpuppi’s associate, many high profile friends of the opulent Instagram celebrity have all gone into hidding and deactivated all links that could trace them to Ray Hushpuppi.

Hushpuppi was always praised to the high heaven by his admirers and associates even when the source of his exceeding luxury lifestyle was questionable.

Hushpuppi’s incarceration over wire fraud and the manner in which his friends and beneficiaries of his benevolence suddenly forgot and deserted him are lessons enough for all those who venture into ill gotten wealth to put up a life posture to impress others.

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