#Abia Has Been Unlucky With Leaders Since 1999 -APGA

Abia is a state with huge resources both human and natural but has suffered due to poor and visionless leadership. We need to rise up and take back our lost glory. Our  leaders have failed totally since 1999 till date.
Abia State is facing hard times. The economy is not doing well. Insecurity is on the rise. E-rats activities of the youth have crippled certain segments of the society. There are troubles in every quarters. Amid all these, the current and  past Governors (DR Orji Uzor Kalu,  Chief T. A. Orji and Dr Okezie Ikpeazu) are not making it any better for the people of the state. Their inadequacies shine through from terrible policies and programmes, insecurity, economic plan and a host of others.
When one weighs the accomplishments of Governor Orji Uzor Kalu who served as governor from 1999 to 2007, Chief T. A Orji 2007 to 2015 and  the current Governor Okezie Ikpeazu , one would shed tears. There is no exemplary leadership style, No ethics of a noble statesman among them that the indigenes of Abia state enjoyed, No dividends of good leadership in all sectors: Education, Sports, Health, Labour, Security, etc. All Abians are seeing is the emancipation of wealth among themselves with any capital development in the state known as God’s Own State.
Abia State should be one of the best states in Nigeria, in terms of revenue drive/generation and infrastructural growth, taking its proximity to the ports in Rivers State, but currently the reverse is the case. It is one of the poorest states, South of Nigeria with debt from banks and bonds. The current governor, Chief Okezie Ikpeazu, does not know what it means to prioritise needs. A governor that once wanted to embark on the construction of an airport in the state without standard markets and commercial activities taking place in it. State and local government workers have been owing salaries, Pensioners have not been receiving their gratuities and pensions and this has been an inheritance from administration to administration as if it a relay baton where you handover to the next person on a relay race. Orji Uzor handed over an empty treasury to T A Orji with Salary backlog in 2007, T A Orji handed Okezie Ikpeazu empty treasury with backlog of salaries and pension and no viable project has been commissioned in the state from 1999 to date.
. One wonders where all the revenue accruing to the state goes. Orji Uzor, T.Orji and Ikpeazu has been  squandering  federal government allocations, IGR and other monies coming to Abia on frivolities and self enrichment.
This is not so surprising going by the precedence that ushered in the current administration. The former Governors of Abia State, Dr Orji Uzor Kalu and Chief T.A. Orji, can be said to be the chief architects of the backwardness in the state. The ex-governors turned senators are among the worst performing governors in Nigeria. With all the huge funds accrued to the state, Abia State’s commercial hub (Aba), in terms of infrastructural development, is very backward.
There are no good roads in the town, no drainage, no light and no water. The government has also done nothing in salvaging the precarious security situation of the state. Abia State has been plagued with three consecutive bad leaders. They have not mapped out ways in dealing with the insecurity or embarking on massive infrastructural projects in the state.
The only glimmer of hope remains the 2023 elections where Abians will rise up to say NO to bad governance and God fatherism. It is in this light that the need to review the scorecard of these administrations remains sacrosanct. Every Abian must note that the 2023 elections can be our moment of giving birth to new Abia state and build it around the youth because our fathers has failed Abia as they have loot Abia dry like an old woman with a sagging breast without breast milk  or it can prove to be our swan song depending on those we choose to lead the state. Abia remains a state with huge potentials but has suffered due to poor visionary leadership. We need to rise up and take back our lost glory by installing leaders not looters who have the expertise to lead the state to the Promised Land.


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