# An 80 Yr Old Ibadan Drummer Made Half a Million Naira Instantly On NFT Through Adisa Olashile. True Story



Headlinenews.news brings you this inspiring post about a young man who assisted an old drummer to make the sort of money he could only dream about and never planned to see in his lifetime as a drummer! This piece should inspire many young people to assist the less fortunate to fulfil their dreams. everything is possible with NFT. Please send more of such videos to Headlinenews.news for uploading and sharing.

Here was an old man always beaming with smiles and passionate about entertaining the corps members with his drumming skills each time they gather.

It looked surreal to Adisa and finally, the photographer resolved to do one thing — “to make him smile more with my camera.”

The aged man, simply identified as Baba Onilu, is no model but his charming personality and amazing poses were all Olashile needed for a compelling shoot.

“I always meet this man at the secretariat where we have our CDS, so I decided to make him smile more with my camera. I hope you all see the emotions in his smiles,” he wrote.

After taking his pictures, Olashile realised he could do more for the man than just bring smiles to his face.

He decided to mint the man’s photographs as a non-fungible token (NFT) on OpenSea and sold them for 0.3 Ethereum (Eth) each.

According to Forbes, “An NFT is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items and videos. They are bought and sold online, frequently with cryptocurrency, and they are generally encoded with the same underlying software as many cryptos.”

In his earlier post, the corps member announced that he would be donating 50 percent of proceeds from the initiative to the man.

“Minted baba’s pictures as nft and got them sold immediately. Inshallahu 50% is going to him. Ramadan Kareem,” he added.

This young Nigerian named Adisa Olashile, having his compulsory NYSC in Ibadan took the pictures of this Baba, a seasoned drummer that lurk around the CDS venue of Olashile and fellow corps members, to drum for them for peanuts. He minted the pictures and sold it on NFT for N1.2m with a promise to give the Baba in question 50% of the proceed of the sale.

In a follow-up post on Friday, the photographer made good on his promise.

He shared a video of himself giving the man the said percentage of the proceeds.

Olashile further gave the man the sum of N100,000 donated to him after his photos went viral. The NFT creator also took the man to the bank to open an account for him.

“Remember Baba Onilu? This is the video of how I gave him 50% of the money made from his picture that minted as NFT on #opensea. Note: I’m not rich, I just felt baba needs the money more, NFT is here to stay and I will be fine later,” he wrote.

He fulfilled his promise yesterday, handing over 50% of the money to the baba, together with a framed picture. The Baba was full of joy, as can be visibly seen. It doesn’t get better than this!

Well done Olashile. You are a role model for the Nigerian Youth. headlinenews.news will be nominating you for an award soon. some other person would not have given that old man anything. You have a very good heart. Please keep it up. You have restored my faith in the Nigerian Youth. may God bless you always and bless this old man with long life to enjoy the fruit of his labour. Amen.  We hope more young people will continue to do good to the less fortunate. – Headlinenews.news.



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