#Army Detains Female Soldier Over Public Locking Of Lips With Male Youth Corp In Kwara


An unidentified named Female Soldier may have bitten more than she can chew from the proverbial love apple, as a public display of affection in the guise of a proposal has landed her in the guard room.

Military Authorities announced on Wednesday that the lady has been detained after video clips of her being proposed to by a Male Corp Member at the NYSC Orientation Camp in Yikpata, Kwara State went viral on Social Media.

In the video, the Corp Member is seen on his knees, asking for the Soldiers hand in marriage, amidst cheers from other visibly excited Corp members in the background.

The female Soldier accepted the proposal, got the ring fixed on her finger while they sealed the romantic display with a deep kiss bear hugs, amidst intermittent blushes.

However, the Nigeria Army, through a Signal sighted by Eons intelligence stated that the Soldier has been identified and detained at a Military detention facility in Ilorin, pending further investigations.

Captain MM Abdulahi, Kwara State NYSC Camp Commandant, in the Signal said the Female Soldier had intentionally isolated herself from other Soldiers before the act.

Personal details of the Corp member and the Soldier were not available at press time

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