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#Atiku Laments Inability Of Buhari’s Government To Resolve ASUU Strike, Says It Will Never Happen In His Administration

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The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar said Buhari’s government’s inability to resolve the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike would never happen under his administration.

ASUU has been on strike since February 14 over the federal government’s failure to honour an agreement on issues bordering on funding of universities, as well as salaries and allowances of lecturers.

Atiku disclosed this, while speaking on Friday at the commemoration of the 2022 International Youth Day in Abuja, the Cable reports.

“Therefore, I take very strong exception to the strike by ASUU. The inability of the government to resolve that crisis will never happen under a PDP government or administration that I will oversee,” he said.

“I have been investing in education for the past 30 years.”

Meanwhile, during the administration of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, between 1999 and 2007 when Abubakar served as vice-president, ASUU went on strike at least, six times.

The PDP presidential candidate pledged that he would work with the university authorities and government to make sure the incessant strike comes to an end.

“I believe the PDP provides the best platform for you to actualise your individual, collective aspirations,” he said.

“Of course, I have made many public pronouncements of my intention to have a youth-inclusive government. This is because it is our responsibility to provide you the opportunities to acquire the trainings and also the experience to take over from us your parents.

“So, I want to congratulate you and I hope this year will usher in an administration of PDP.”

Nigerians React:

Atiku, shut up. You are the originator of the problem. You have no moral right whatsoever to lament about Buhari’s inability to clean up your mess! You signed the unrealistic ASUU agreement/ MoU in 2006/2009. Yeye man. You also paid the ASUU executives over the last few months not to accept any Reconciliation with the APC led Buhari regime in order to discredit the regime and improve the issues for your campaign of calumny against APC and Asiwaju. However, you are mistaken. If God is with someone, who can stand against that person. APC has been painted bad by people like you to influence the citizens, but the truth will be revealed eventually. You are behind 50% Of the negative perception of APC, Buhari and Tinubu. You will regret it when tables turn against you!

Jeremiah, Security Operative, Rivers.

* Waziri Adamawa, you should be ashamed of yourself. Buhari fixed the major trunk road through 5 local governments including your own community in Kajoli, Adamawa immediately he resumed power. That road is a major road for movement of goods to other States and has been in a very bad condition since you were VP and you never fixed it. This Buhari fixed trunk B roads all over Nigeria. The APC regime tried to deliver on a high percentage of its electoral promises. No government anywhere in the world has ever delivered on all electoral promises. 30% to 40% of electoral promises is a big achievement. This was why the former UK PM ( Theresa May) was removed- inability to deliver on a good percentage of electoral promises. Leave Buhari alone! Lament for your inability to realise you have no moral right to contest the Nigerian Presidency after such a poor performance in office fir 8 yrs.

Hon.Joshua, Taraba.

If Atiku abubakar is lamenting, why doesn’t he provide the money for ASUU now. He will have the credit. After all, he is planning to spend N2 Trillion on the 2023 elections. Let Atiku put down N1.2 trillion now for ASUU to stop the strike. After all, he is the one that approved the controversial MoU for ASUU in 2006, so he must solve the mess he created. Atiku, stop pretending you care. Don’t politicise the ASUU Strike!

The National Patriots would like to appeal to our politicians especially the flagbearers for various political parties to put the interest of Nigeria first above self interest and eschew from playing politics with the ASUU Strike. This is a very important issue and deserves the seriousness and attention of every Nigerian to evolve and explore possible options to an amicable resolution of the crisis in as quick a time as possible. This is not the time to politicise the ASUU crisis to score political points. The FG has been negotiating and will continue to negotiate and explore avenues for its quick resolution for the best interest of the educational sector and the Nigerian Youth. Politicians involved in fanning the embers of disunity regarding this ASUU crisis will be exposed eventually. Nigerians should be open minded and prayerful as the Government makes concerted effort to arrive at a workable solution for this ASUU crisis. Unfortunately, this ASUU crisis emanated from a warped MoU undertaken in 2009 by the FG. There have been many strikes since then, but it appears ASUU has decided to turn deaf ears to all pleas with the Buhari led APC regime. Maybe God wants APC to resolve this matter once and for all. As Patriots, we must all unite to work together for the restoration of the Nigerian educational sector. The National Patriots intends to undertake an intervention to resolve the ASUU Strike as independent conflict resolution experts. We sincerely hope ASUU would give us the opportunity to intervene for the sake of the educational sector.

Dr. Fraser. MFR

National Patriots.

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