SUPER TV BOSS MURDER: New Evidence and Investigation Confirm, Victim was gagged and tortured to Death.


The gruesome murder of Super TV CEO, Micheal Usifo Ataga has continued to generate more controversies as the family of the deceased is claiming that their son was assaulted and tortured to death after being gagged. This perspective nullifies the confession made earlier by the alleged killer, Chidinma Ojukwu.

The deceased’s elder brother, Dr. Isi Ataga pointed out that the Super TV CEO was stabbed multiple times, and his neck was broken.

 Headline News had reported that Chidinma, a 300-level student of Mass Communications at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) confessed to stabbing Ataga to death while they were lodged in a service apartment in Lekki.

Chidinma, who was paraded by the Lagos State Police Command had confessed without any trace of emotion that the deceased and herself were smoking and drinking before an argument ensued, which made her stab Ataga twice in the neck.

However, the elder brother of the deceased Dr. Isi Ataga stated that it was not only one person that murdered his brother.

In his opinion, and that of the family and other professionals, there were more people involved in the murder, insisting that the rope marks visible on his wrist confirms his torture.

Dr. Ataga further pointed out stated that the marks on his wrists suggested that he was tied up before being tortured, which confirms that Chidinma alone could not have done that. This was contained in a statement issued by Ataga’s elder brother.

Isi also called on the police to investigate the matter with due diligence and professionalism as an autopsy carried out on his corpse has thrown more light and revealed more facts on the gruesome murder.

The statement reads, “Usifo died a horrific death. He was not stabbed two or even five times; he was stabbed multiple times. His hands were bound tightly and the marks were still all over his wrists, accompanied with evidence of torture and assault even as his corpse lay in the morgue.”

“And no one in the entire building heard his screams because he was gagged. Let that sink in, he was bound, gagged and tortured!”

“The now-viral video of the room with the deceased lying on the floor shows a room with blood-stained walls and floor, evidence of a ferocious struggle. One person could never have carried these out.”


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