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#Breaking! Exclusive: PRIME MINISTER OF NIGER ARRIVES NIAMEY TO RESUME OFFICE. (Video) Headlinenews.news

Headlinenews.news correspondent in Niamey sent the report and video of the arrival of the Nigeriene Prime Minister to Niamey yesterday.
The appointment of the Prime Minister of Niger, a seasoned Economist received the commendation of the African community and gives a new dimension to the Junta’s Coup. Niger, with a professional, civilian as Prime Minister can no longer be categorised as under military rule. The development in Niger portrays a home grown style of governance which is acceptable to her people and a novel concept in Africa. An innovative form of diarchy which may be emulated by other African Nations. An unusual combination of Military and Civilian arrangement of governance. Niger has become a pacesetter in Africa and many are watching to see how the balance would ensure seamless governance for the benefit of the people and the Country.
ECOWAS should not undermine the sovereignty of the people of Niger or any other member State nor its territorial integrity according to its Treaty. They must allow the people of Niger to determine the type of governance which is most suitable & beneficial to them.
Today, the new Prime Minister will meet with the Head of the Junta Tchiani and work things out on the best way forward with governance for the best interest of Niger and her People. They obviously know what they are doing and do not need any interference from any external force.

Imran Khazaly

Nigerians React:

“Thank you Headlinenews for this video. You are my favourite news channel. So, the Prime Minister is resuming today? Thank God. Now, all those were ECOWAS can go and look for money somewhere else instead of pushing a war to make trillions”. Ole.
Joseph, Trader, Abuja.

I am so impressed with Tchiani. This guy must be brilliant. I never expected him to appoint or permit another civilian leader so soon. He has displayed great strategic leadership style. This is commendable. Now the PM is resuming, everybody can shut up and mind their country’s problem. Good move. Tchiani is a real tactician. I dof my hat Oooo. I wish we had somebody like this in Nigeria. We need it. Smart man. Called the bluff of all external forces – US, UK, France, AU, EU, ECOWAS but did only what his people wanted! Bravo to a genius. Oh, if only he can help us in Nigeria too. We need his advise. They are stealing our oil & gas- these Western powers and we need to be liberated. Our people are in poverty amidst so much mineral resources, manpower and blessings
John Samuel, Plateau.


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