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#Breaking! How PDP Looted Nigeria And The Empty Treasury Jonathan Left – Osinbajo. ( Facts Only With Undisputed Figures)

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Nigerians React:

Wow!!!! Thanks so much for this reminder just before campaign starts. PDP can never be voted into power again. In fact, we must stone them if they come out to campaign. So they stole this much???? No wonder Buhari kept on complaining and we thought it was a blame game!!! May God forgive us! So, Jona, Na soooo? God save you say you no contest, we for naked you for public. Barao like you. Onyioshi. Corrupt Leaders!

James, Lecturer, Bayelsa.

* Naked for public? Buhari is a nice man. Jona is supposed to be in jail so that Diezani and him will return all our Billions of dollars they stole. So, they will never die again? Please Nigerians, we need a Rawlings in Nigeria. These pen Robbers need to be executed publicly. No mercy. We are suffering because of them. Let them return the money or they must go to jail, otherwise we need a military intervention. This money is too much! Why do politicians act with impunity. We need some scapegoats and Jona & Diezani will have to suffer for PDP’s suffering inflicted on Nigerians by their excessive looting!

Mohammed Adamu, Trader, FCT

Thank you VP for educating us on the real situation with PDP. I forgive you for being a betrayal to Asiwaju. You will help us to expose the PDP as unsuitable for consideration to govern Nigeria again! Well done.

Barr. Cornelius, Jos,  Plateau

* Prof, God bless you. You know Nigerians are suffering from Amnesia. I know this is an old video, but it’s relevant for today’s situation that these looters want to return to loot us to bankruptcy. I don’t know how the Buhari Govt managed with an empty treasury, but God will punish all those that looted our common wealth. Them and their children, friends, associates will die a miserable death. They must be in jail or arraigned before a firing squad. We need to act now. APC must do that to satisfy the people. Atiku should be in jail by now.

Umar Bello, Accountant, Kaduna

* Jesus Christ of Nazareth, If it wasn’t a video with Osinbajo talking, I won’t believe it. These are Christians. Osinbajo a Christian about the looting of the Jonathan regime ? Abeg. No religious matter here. This is about the corrupt leadership by a President, which impoverished millions of Nigerians. GEJ must refund the money, or face trial. We can’t ignore it

Engr. Abubakar, Nasarawa

* This $3b is enough to pay ASUU now, so we must hold the PDP regime responsible for the ASUU Strike. The Agreement / MoU was signed in 2009 and the PDP Govt didn’t bother to ensure that the necessary Govt agencies were represented before the MoU was signed. Today, Buhari’s Govt is being held to ransom for a mistake committed by the PDP Govt. This is unfair and unacceptable.  Jonathan must refund that $3b he took from the treasury before he left office or go to jail. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala confessed to security agencies that she was directed by Jonathan to take funds out of the treasury for the 2015 campaign

Johnson, Retired DSS Operative, Borno

* Pls invite Jonathan and make him reach Diezani or Aganga who is keeping money for him in coded accounts. Jonathan owns a Refinery in Sao Tome. He can refund this money if they squeeze him. The NIA has Intel and Govt should take a hard step to get this money back from Jonathan to pay ASUU immediately.  They are using this ASUU Strike to discredit Buhari and APC. Be smar

Retired Diplomat, Abuja

* Many things will start to come out soon. Govt must act fast now to get the money stolen rather than borrowing always. This is a unique opportunity for the Buhari regime and APC to redeem their battered image. Get this money back and pay ASUU immediately.  Detain Jonathan and the money will come out. Listen to Osinbajo’s video again!!!

Dr. Adeyemi, Lagos

* True. We know all Jonathan’s investments even as he pretends to be poor. He must refund the money he took from the treasury. We will petition WTO about Ngozi Okonjo- Iweala too. Money will come out. All this nonsense about refunding money won’t work for looters. They try to get away with whatever is possible without refunding a penny. What has Jonathan refunded? We must pay ASUU now. No time for deals or soft landing now!

Pastor Gbenga Oluwalokan, Ekiti.

The Buhari regime should hearken to the voice of the people and make effort to recover funds to enable it settle the ASUU crisis immediately. Education is of critical importance for any nation. The major difference between Ghana and Nigeria is the demographic factor of literacy level. A Ghanaian Steward was well educated, Painters skillful, Secretary efficient above the average Nigerian, Teacher highly competent etc.We sent them away from Nigeria, and a few years later, there country became more prosperous than Nigeria with a buoyant economy. Look at their airports which are a replica of UK International Airports. Nigerians have a lower literacy level than Ghanaians, so they are unable to perform as well as the Ghanaians. Education determines the literacy level of citizens. We need to jump start education urgently in Nigeria if we need sustainable development. We can’t afford this ASUU strike and checking the list provided by ASUU, it’s so important to source and provide substantial funding for them to address the lapses in the educational sector. The ASUU list is available on Headlinenews.news and the MoU signed by the PDP Administration promising so much is also there!!!

It is most unfortunate that 99% Of Libraries in the Universities have no Internet. There are many other lapses that require urgent attention if the Universities will be conducive for learning. The FG must set up an independent committee to monitor the use of the funds to ensure there is no diversion for whatever reason. The Buhari regime should put an end to ASUU Strikes in Nigeria.

Dr. Fraser. MFR

National Patriots.

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