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#Breaking: IBOs Dare Yorubas, Promising To Take Over Lagos & SW.

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“… Your ancestors also migrated to that land (YORUBALAND) my dear. . It’s only natural my dear that we Igbos also migrate to YORUBALAND, you cannot stop it unless you want bloodshed 🩸” –

Genesis Nnaemeka Ajah vai Adebisi David Remi Hassan

That’s it.

When you read things like this your first reaction – IF YOU ARE A LIBERAL FOOL – is to think little of it and fool yourself that ” It is his personal opinion”

His kinsmen will rush out and quickly dismiss his statement as “Not representing the views of the Igbos”

The Odibients will come out and tell you ” How are we even sure it is not the handiwork of the mischievous APC people”.

In the confusion and Propaganda the WEIGHT OF THE MESSAGE IS LOST.

Meanwhile the man has simply told you the MINDSET OF THE TYPICAL IGBO MAN.

It is their MINDSET.

You have this kind of MINDSET on the Ancestral of other people and then go about wondering “why do you people hate us like this?”

You wonder why people treat you with great apprehension in Ibadan, Ijebu-Ode, Warri, Calabar, Kano, Sokoto, Maiduguri, Cotonou, Ghana, Kenya, South-Africa.

Even in Thailand, Dubai, China etc those people have managed to distinguish you apart from other Africans and NIgerians.

It has never occured to you that YOU ARE THE PROBLEM?

You have never bothered to look inwards and ask yourself “what’s wrong with me?”

It is their mortal desire to over run Lagos/SW, an enduring dream and they have been working tirelessly towards it for at least 40years. That is if you count from the 3rd wave of Igbo Zionism which commenced in the early 1980s.


Imagine the FOOLISHNESS.

It is what he was fed with.

And very sadly even many of our YORUBA ADULTS don’t even know their history to correct them.

The People who are today called the OSHODI FAMILY in Lagos originally migrated from NUPE LAND in present Niger State.

The ELÉTÈ FAMILY mostly in OJO migrated from ILÉSÀ.

The people of IBEJU LEKKI AND EPE migrated from Ijebu lands

The MÓBEE FAMILY of the Ègùns of Badagry migrated from the Dahomey areas.

ALL those areas of migration, including NUPE LAND were then under the CONTIGUOUS YORUBA STATES under the generally accepted and overall influence of the OYO EMPIRE controlled by the Aláàfin”.

They were all more or less YORUBAS moving around their lands!

Even at that, nobody jumped on any lands WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION by the people they met there.

Our Elders have a proverb for it: Eni abá lábà ni baba.

Besides, Yorubas people who then migrated into Lagos IMMEDIATELY ASSIMILATED.


Lagos is now typical and majorly Àwórì land.

The person known as the Obanikoro of Lagos travelled from Ìdolúwo ilé, somewhere in the Riverine areas of Ojo LGA to his present location on Lagos Island from where he established the place now known as Obanikoro in Lagos.

That is what is called Assimilation.

Today, even as a man from nearby Ijebu land who was born, bred and have lived all my 52years in Lagos, I HAVE NEVER DARED seen myself as a CO-OWNER OF LAGOS.

But you Nnaemeka tells me you have greater rights than me in Lagos.

What are the IGBO ZIONISTS doing?

1. They KEEP their HOMELAND tight.

2. They come into YOURS with their own UNIQUE CULTURE AND CUSTOMS.

3. They invade YOURS with a suffocating mass of people, so much that it eventually alters the DEMOGRAPHICS of your land

4. They REJECT AND EVEN DERIDE YOUR OWN CULTURE AND CUSTOMS and move very actively to supplant those with their own. Their own language and ways have gradually pushed yours to the background.

5. They therefore live in COLONIES such that they easily destabilize the SOCIO-POLITICAL SETTINGS of your land. Before you know it, your ANCESTRAL LANDS become to look very much like theirs.

6. At that rate, IN A MATTER OF TIME, the story will be written that YOUR LANDS have CHANGED ANCESTRY.

This is what ZIONISM is about and it is what they are doing.

And you are expected to be happily hugging it like an I.D.I.O.T.

And I can assure you that Nnaemeka wasnt just joking or bluffing about his threat of “bloodshed.

He knows what he is talking about.

It is the reason the Zionists BOLDLY TELL YOU that they will change the POLITICAL SETTINGS OF LAGOS IN 2023.

It is easy to imagine that every SHOP AND MARKET of the Igbos in Lagos and SW are Potential Arms Depots.

Alaba International Market and Trade Fair are FORTRESSES, GARRISON Masquerading as Markets.

They can deny it forever, it is what it is.

This is why they will forever HATE BOLA TINUBU.

He knows what they are doing and where they are headed. He has checked them with the MC OLUOMO REGIMENT.

They can never forgive him for that.

It is an EXISTENTIAL ISSUE NOW and I am very Tribalistic about it.

I have a right to self-preservation.

©️ Adedamola Adetayo

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