BREAKING NEWS! EXCLUSIVE- Dangote Cement Factory: Yoruba/Fulani Clash, Ogun State. FULL REPORT

Dangote trucks set ablaze during the ongoing clash in Ibeshe, Ogun State.

Full Report from our Correspondent in Ibeshe.

As at the time of publishing this news, there is ongoing fighting in Ilaro-Ibeshe, Ogun State, where the Dangote main Cement Factory is located between the indigenous Yorubas and the Fulanis in a bloody battle.

There was a public outcry a few weeks ago by some concerned indigenes of Ibeshe, Ogun State that arms and ammunition were being stockpiled in the DANGOTE Cement Factory Warehouse which would be used as a base for any onslaught.

This outcry was hushed down as rabblerousing and the movement of arms and ammunition continued regularly till late at night.

Today, the indigenes of Ibeshe have been vindicated as the Fulanis brought out different types of arms, ammunition and swords in the clash against the Yoruba indigenes.

According to the Headlinenews correspondent at Ibeshe, the fighting commenced yesterday 2nd of August, 2021 and is still ongoing till this afternoon. Soldiers who were drafted purportedly by Dangote started to fire at the members of the community.

The quiet community has been turned into a battleground. Workers have fled the Cement Factory Complex.

The cause of the clash is yet to be confirmed by our correspondent as the fight is ongoing and the area is unsafe.

Headlinenews learnt from sources within the law enforcement agencies that the CP of Ogun State Edward Awolowo Ajogun directed Patrol Vehicles and Law Enforcement Personnel to restore peace at Ibeshe yesterday.

It is therefore surprising that the fighting is still ongoing till this evening. There is probably a need for a heavy deployment to quell the clash unless there is a manpower challenge.

The Dangote trucks have been set ablaze by angry Youth who witnessed the attack on members of the community. The Soldiers on ground open fire on the indigenes. The situation is highly volatile and there is no sign of any official security intervention to restore peace.

Recently, there have been several clashes recently in the Southwest between the Yorubas and the Fulanis. This may be one of the worst in recent times.

Our correspondent was informed by an eye witness interviewed – Dele Oriyomi that a young man who was making a video recording was shot by a soldier and our correspondent has therefore not captured any more videos of the clash.

Another eye witness interviewed – Tajudeen Alimi claimed the Yorubas were being maltreated and oppressed by the management of the Dangote Cement Factory and a worker of northern extraction stabbed a Yoruba worker to death and the matter was not handled fairly.

He claimed that other Yoruba workers who protested were dismissed and their lives were also threatened as another person was stabbed during the protest.

This has not been verified to obtain a balanced perspective of the cause as the fighting is still ongoing and our correspondent does not have the opportunity to complete the investigation, as all effort to reach the Dangote Cement Factory management proved abortive.

It is important for the Nigerian police to deploy Special Operations personnel to restore peace and protect the lives of the people of Ibeshe immediately.

Another eye witness – Omowale Adeyemi who was interviewed by our correspondent claimed that the Yorubas are being oppressed in their own region and insisted that the Yoruba Nation was the solution to the intimidation experienced at the hands of North indigenes.

The video, audio and photos sent by our correspondent are available on our website

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By Eyinjuolodumare Fasheun                       


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