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It  Has   Happened 😢😢😢😢
People bad oo ..Even our women!!.. Parent please hold ur children.
This is happening now in my area. My area is in confusion right now. Security agents found three heads in this four students bag.This people are in their early 20’s,they were holding a big handbag and they boarded a taxi from Ikom going to Calabar.The driver being vigilant and watchful noticed a strong smell coming from their bag.The horrible smell made the driver suspicious,whom then used the light to signal the police at the stop and search point,but because of 100 naira the police were too busy to notice this. When the taxi driver got to Ugep he raised an alarm,they held these people and beckoned on the security agents around to search these girls bag.Many people were afraid not knowing what was going on….
One of the security was shocked when he opened the girls bag and found three heads. In cross examination of these heads, the securities found out that the heads where known heads….
The three heads are :
Infinix charger head
Hawei charger head and
Samsung charger head.
We appreciate your effort in reading this rubbish.
😂😂😂😂😀😀😁😁😬😬😬We  just   wanna   make   you  have   a   Blissful   Day😁😁😁😁Sorry Oooo.

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