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#Breaking! Terrorists Setting Up Parallel Govt In Kaduna – El Rufai Raises Alarm To Buhari.

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Terrorists are consolidating their grip on communities in Kaduna with a “parallel” government and “permanent operational base” in the North-western state near Nigeria’s capital Abuja, Governor Nasir El-Rufai has told President Muhammadu Buhari, Headlinenews.news can exclusively report.

Mr El-Rufai warned the president of the terrorists’ consolidation in a late July memo, sighted by Headlinenews.news.

The terrorists belonging to Ansaru al-Musulmina fi Bilad al-Sudan, or Ansaru for short, are believed to have moved to Birnin Gwari in Kaduna State in 2012 when they broke away from Boko Haram.

According to intelligence reports and human sources consulted in further reporting for this story, the terrorists that formed Ansaru were responsible for some of the high-profile attacks claimed by Boko Haram before the split.

Such attacks included the UN building bombing of August 2011 and the kidnap of some foreigners. According to the sources, Ansaru pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, AQIM, in 2020, and is responsible for many of the high-profile abductions as well as armed attacks on the police in Kaduna State.

But researchers and negotiators with an understanding of the working of the terrorists told Headlinenews.news Correspondent that a collaboration of the terror groups, including the original Boko Haram – also called JAS -, ISWAP, Ansaru, and bandits, is evolving.

In 2021, 1,192 people lost their lives in Kaduna State due to banditry, terrorism, communal clashes, violent attacks, and reprisals. In the first six months of 2022, 645 people lost their lives in such circumstances across the state, the government said.

In Mr El-Rufai’s late July memo, he lay bare how the terrorists have infiltrated and dominated communities and formed “a parallel governing authority,” exercising control over social and economic activities and dispensation of justice in the area.

He said the terrorists have advanced in their plans to make Kaduna forest areas their “permanent operational base” for the North-west region, citing a “series of intelligence reports.”

“Observed movement patterns and intercepted communications of migrating terrorists have shown a clear interest in setting up a base, with the stretches of forest area between Kaduna and Niger states strongly considered,” he wrote.

Law banning 2023 political activities

As the political activities towards the 2023 general elections pick up steam, the terrorists, Mr El-Rufai told Mr Buhari, have promulgated a law to ban residents from participating.

“The insurgents enacted a law in the District, banning all forms of political activity or campaign ahead of the 2023 elections, especially in Madobiya and Kazage villages,” the Governor wrote.

The Ansaru terrorists are known to have an extremist ideological posture against democracy and secular authorities.

In 2021, the census enumeration exercise could only hold in two of the 11 wards that form Birnin Gwari due to the threat of armed banditry and terrorism, officials in both the Kaduna State Government and the population commission told Headlinenews.news.

The ban on political activities, the governor said, followed a recent wedding ceremony involving the terrorists.

“According to actionable intelligence, members of the Jama’atu Ansarul Musulmina Fi’biladis Sudan (aka Ansaru) hibernating in Kuyello district of Birnin Gwari LGA recently conducted a nuptial ceremony during which they married two yet-to-be-identified female residents of Kuyello village,” Mr El-Rufai wrote.

“The ceremony was attended by various Ansaru members and witnessed by residents of the area. After the marital rites, insurgents in attendance reportedly conveyed the brides to the dreaded Kuduru forest, in the same District.”

Extracting revenues

In the area of adjudicating disputes, Mr El-Rufai said the terrorists “fined one Mu’azu Ibrahim, a resident of Kuyello community, the sum of One Million Naira for selling plots of land without the consent of the owners.”

In addition, with the government becoming removed from rural communities, leaving them at the mercy of violent criminals, terrorists, Mr El-Rufai suggested, are manning the ungoverned space and extracting revenues from the people.

“Multiple reports also exist of bandits and terrorists exacting protection levies and similar taxes from farmers and communities, in return for permission to cultivate their fields,” the Governor said.

Terrorism researchers say that revenues from taxes and levies forced on ungoverned spaces – created by the failure or limited capacity of the government – are a major source of financing and sustenance for terrorists.

Like the Kaduna situation described by Mr El-Rufai, ISWAP terrorists based on the Lake Chad islands are also extracting huge revenues from the fishing activities and pastoralists operating in the area.

Mr El-Rufai, when contacted, said he would not comment on this story because his correspondence was supposed to be confidential communication to the president.

In 2016, he wrote a similar “confidential’ letter to the President, warning that the Buhari administration was losing momentum just about a year after coming to power.

Nigerians React:

* This is the beginning of the Invasion of Nigeria. El- Rufai has warned that he wanted to recruit mercenaries to deal with the insecurity in Kaduna, but he was prevented. Are we going to wait until they take over power in Kaduna Govt House? Buhari needs to step up now, or allow the Governor to act as he deems fit.

Engr. Saidu Bello.

* I am tired of Buhari’s nonchalance Ooo. Haba! In Nigeria? Terrorists can form government? This is the last straw as far as I am concerned. This assault is too much. Where is the government? These people are not even afraid!!!! Its time to act. El- Rufai must act now. Don’t wait for any green light from one yeye baba who has no action.

Halima Adamu, businesswoman. Abuja.

* Please Governor, act quickly to dismantle their parallel government structures. This is unacceptable for a sovereign country. These people want to dare us, so we must resist with all we can get. Forget the military. Pls get mercenaries. We support you. In fact, you are the best VP material in our opinion. You have action. Don’t delay pls. Delay is dangerous. Scatter their government. Who are they?

Dr. Samuel Ayu. Benue.

* This is why Nigeria has now been tagged the preferred terrorist country in Africa. All terrorists feel safe hiding and operating in Nigeria. No security. No government. Politicians too busy looting to protect the people and honour their mandate. This is too bad. Pls act now because they will spread to other states if they get away with it in Kaduna if all places! Capital of Northern Nigeria? Pls kick them out in 24hours. Kill them. Use Tucano to send them out of this world.

Timothy Shedam. IT. Plateau.

* This is unbelievable. If not coming from the Givernor, I would have labelled it fabu! What impunity? Please, put out the fire quickly and kill them all. This is a failure of intelligence. What are our people doing when this is happening? The NSA, Service Chiefs must be sacked. No more. If they are not sacked, Buhari must be impeached. Its one or the other. Nigerian government is no longer safe in this case. They will set up government in the Villa soon. Its not a joke!!!!!

Alh Sule Mohammed. Trader Zamfara.

* This is just a warning sign of more to come. Pls let us unite to fight terrorism in Nigeria. These terrorists have a lot of guts. They can attack anybody anywhere. We need to take back our country now now now. I don’t mean Obi or Atiku’s Propaganda. They are part of the problem. I mean, Nigerians should go and help Kaduna to fight those terrorists. Let’s chase them out of Nigeria.

Folashade Akintunde, Banker, Lagos.

* This is a wake up call for every Nigerian. Let’s forget politics for now and save our country. Pls get foreign mercenaries. Our security agencies and army have chopped too much and can no longer defend us. They are compromised. Pls we need foreign mercenaries urgently to get Kaduna back. This is a slap on our faces!

Arc. Etim Effiong. Uyo.

* Buhari has failed Nigerians. His Service chiefs and NSA have failed. In any civilised country they should resign in 24hrs after the Governor & Chief Executive of a State makes such a grave pronouncement. If they respect themselves, they must resign before they are forced out of office. Useless yeye people. Ole!

Cynthia Ugwu, fashion designer, Imo State.

Nigerians React.

* Kaduna of all places? The Headquarters of the Nigerian Military? The defacto Head of the Government and Cabal? The capital of the Northern Protectorate? No, its unbelievable. Unimaginable. Pls address this urgently. Don’t waste any time. We need a change of NSA. What is that man still doing there? If Buhari doesn’t remove these dead wood, Nigerians will remove Buhari. Watch.

Joseph Alade, Lecturer, Ekiti.

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