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Thursday, August 18, 2022

#Breaking: USA Military Show Of Strength In The Pacific As Pelosi Heads To Taiwan. (Video)

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Nancy Pelosi flew into Tauwan yesterday escorted by Fighter Jets in a majestic flying formation with the B1 bomber leading, and backed by the strength of the US Navy in an unparalleled show of power to deter and intimidate any oppressor to Taiwan in confirmation of the support of the USA military strength.

The USA believes that such a display of power would send a warning to China over its threat to invade Taiwan.

Unfortunately, the Chinese are not deterred and barely 24 hours after Pelosi’s visit, have commenced a countdown to invade Taiwan. The body language confirms that China is determined in its resolve to invade Taiwan.


China is a strong ally to Russia and has not condemned Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine amidst effort by the USA to solicit its support against Russia.

Headlinenews recalls that the USA had taken steps to warn Russia against invading Ukraine before the Invasion of Ukraine commenced which led to the war that has resulted in loss of thousands of innocent lives and global recession. The action of these global leaders to demystify the USA symbolises the beginning of the end for USA’s role as the ‘Police of the World’. The G20, the United Nations, The EU etc would need to act in order to stem the tide before issues escalate to a downward trajectory. There is a need for peace in the World. With China at war with the USA over Taiwan, and Russia at war with the G20 and the USA over Ukraine, there is little hope for the global recession to end soon. Countries like Nigeria must now start to plan ahead to survive and develop without dependence on other global countries. Nigeria must be able to feed herself as food insecurity leads to political instability. It is therefore important for Nigerian leaders to forget inter Party political squabbles and permit capable hands and competent persons irrespective of religious orientation to lead the Country at a time like this. The bigger picture is much more than imagined and Nigeria must unite if the country will develop survival independent of any country!

Is this history repeating itself, as Russia was warned by the USA against invading Ukraine, but their warning was ignored as Russia invaded Ukraine. Today, the USA is warning China against the Invasion of Taiwan, but China has ignored the warning and is determined to confront the USA. When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. This is a wake up call for African nations to stop dependence on the G20 countries and start sustainable development projects and roadmaps to feed themselves and develop their countries immediately.

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