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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

#Buhari Set To Increase Transport Allowance For Ministers, Permsecs, Others Due To Global Rising Costs.

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The approval was conveyed in a circular dated August 31 by chairman of National Salaries, Income and Wages Commission, Ekpo Nta.

According to the circular, the new allowances take effect from September 1.

Ministers, permanent secretaries, and civil servants on grade level (GL) one to 17 will benefit from the increment.

DTA is the money paid to appointees and graded staff in ministries when they embark on an official trip.

The circular reads; “The president of the federal republic of Nigeria has approved the upward review of duty tour allowances applicable to Permanent Secretary/Equivalent from N20,0000 to N70,000, and to minister/SGF/HCSF/Equivalent from N35,000 to N80,000,” the chairman said.

“All enquiries relating to this circular should be directed to the commission.”

The breakdown: GL 01-04 and its equivalent – N10,000 per diem; GL 05-06 and its equivalent – N15,000; GL 07-10 and its equivalent – N17,500.

GL 12-13 and its equivalent – N20,000; GL 14-15 and its equivalent – N25,000; GL 16-17 and its equivalent – N37,500.

Permanent secretary and its equivalent – N70,000 per diem; Minister/SGF/HCSF and equivalent – N80,000 per diem.

This comes at a time when Nigeria faces severe economic problems, which has seen government revenue plummet while its debt has ballooned.

The government’s 2022 budget has a deficit of over N7 trillion, and debt servicing has surpassed revenue this year.

Personnel costs for civil servants and the overhead costs of thousands of offices are among the areas where the government spends the most on, drawing calls for reduced cost of governance. Capital projects that reach the majority of the population have received less over the years.

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