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#Buhari’s Legacy: Scores From An Objective Viewpoint.

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He Increased Minimum Wage From 18 To 30k.

He Increased NYSC Allawee From 19k To 32k.

He Gave 30k To N-power Beneficiaries Every Month.

He Gave Covid Loans Worth 750k, 3m & 10 Million Respectively To Some Nigerians.

He Fed Children In Schools.

He Gave Market Women 5k Each.

He Gave Loans To Farmers Across The Country.

Restored Country Respect and Dignity in the World

He Gave Bailouts Repeatedly To States.

He Never Failed To Release Monthly Allocation To States.

He Ensured The Prompt Payment Of Salaries To Federal Workers.

He Cleared Part Of Monies Owed University Lecturers.

Built infrastructures across the country

This Man Resuscitated Our Rail Transport.

He Modernized Major Airports In Nigeria.

He Ended The Regime Of Fuel Scarcity.

Fortified the Military with required hardwares.

signed budget to fight insecurity

Signed Judicial autonomy

Dismantled Pension scam

Ensures Job recruitment without application fees

Signed payment of millions of naira by Nirsal micro bank

Unfortunately, His Efforts Are Dampened By saboteurs and Protracted Insecurity Across The Country.

This Man Is Indeed Unlucky Even With His Genuine Intention For Nigerians.

But One Thing Is Certain, The Good Lord That Made Him President Can Still Turn Around Things In His Favour.

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