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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

#CAF Launches African Super League With Prize Money Of $100 Million For Participating Teams

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The Confederation of African Football has launched a new football competition, the African Super League with prize money of $100 million for all participating teams.

The competition is expected to start later this month as CAF announces the teams that will participate in the tournament.

The Confederation of African Football has announced the introduction of the African Super League.

CAF President, Dr Patrice Motsepe, revealed the inaugural edition of the tournament will begin later his month at the 44th edition of CAF’s General Assemble in Arusha, Tanzania.

In a statement posted on CAF’s official website, the winner of the competition will take home a sum of $11.5 million.

“We are excited about the CAF Africa Super League and are confident that it will change the face and competitiveness of CAF and African football,” wrote CAF.

“The CAF Executive Committee (“EXCO”) took a decision to launch the CAF Africa Super League in August 2022. This League will officially kick-off in August 2023.

“We announced on 3 July 2022 that the total prize money of the CAF Africa Super League will be USD 100 million, with the winner receiving USD 11.5 million.

“We intend paying each Member Association USD 1 million per annum from the CAF Africa Super League funds.

“We also intend allocating USD 50 million to CAF from these funds for Youth and Women’s football development and for all its other competitions to ensure that they are globally competitive.”

CAF has not yet announced which teams will participate in its inaugural edition, but the top clubs on the continent are expected to compete.

The CAF President was joined by FIFA President Gianni Infantino, leading football clubs and 52 Member Associations.

“The Africa Super League is one of the most exciting developments in the history of African football and the objective in terms of what we are trying to achieve is very clear, number one is to make sure African club football is world class and competes with the best in the world.

CAF President, Dr Patrice Motsepe in the press conference “This about the future of African football, this is about African taking charge of its future. To do this, we need money” He added.

“Football is about finance. It is about having a product and the commercial backing for it.”

“The success of club football is based on commercial viability. The Africa Super League for us is the most important intervention to the development and advancement of football in Africa.”

The CAF President made it clear that “Football is a short career and football players have to maximize their earnings while they are playing. I have been involved with clubs for many years in African football, I understand the challenges.

“African clubs have never had a good foundation, financially to keep some of the best players in Africa, to stay in Africa, from an income perspective, they love the continent, they want to be in Africa, so the financial part of club football is a critical issue and what we’re hoping to do is improve the quality of football.

“We need to get the spectators excited to watch local football so it’s as good as watching football anywhere in the world.

“The next press conference that we will have is where we will be announcing the formal launch, giving you the final feedback in relation to commencement and the implementation of the Africa Super League.

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