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#Celebrities on New National Anthem: ‘This is so Sad and Shameful’

By HEADLINENEWS.NEWS correspondent 

President Bola Tinubu recently signed into law the newly passed National Anthem 2024 bill. The development has, however, sparked a wave of reactions on social media with several Nigerians, including celebrities talking about their dissatisfaction with the decision. Some celebrities described the move as a “misplaced priority”, arguing that the government should focus on pressing issues like insecurity, unemployment and economic instability. ADERONKE ADESANYA, gathered opinions of the celebrities on social media.

Nollywood actress, Kate, Henshaw, slammed the government for thinking about the old anthem at a time of “excruciating hardship” and “lack of good governance.’

She wrote: “In the midst of excruciating hardship and lack of good governance on every level but not to worry, going back to colonial anthem will be a soothing balm that will inject patriotism back into our veins, a much needed drug. The labour of our heroes past… o ti lo”

Veteran singer and social activist, Charles Oputa, aka Charly Boy tackled the government for what he termed a ‘cover up by false propaganda.’ He further asked which is more important between hunger and the old national anthem.

He wrote: “Misplaced Priorities, incompetence, greed and the almighty CORRUPTION can never be covered up by false propaganda. My people, Wetin dey worry us pass for dis country, HUNGER or NATIONAL ANTHEM?”

He also wrote,”Animals in Agbada fit make me start to sing our olden days National Anthem, imposicant. Vagabonds in power wan distract us from hunger, kidnapping, high cost of living by organizing useless priorities for us to follow so we no go dey talk as e dey pain us?

“Who no know say APC na monumental failure in the history of politics for Naija. If one year dey like dis, imagine how many of us go kpai in the nxt 3yrs. Nonsense.”

Otaghware Otas

Nigerian comedian and actor, Otaghware Onod, better known as I Go Save, in a reaction posed a question to the Federal Government, inquiring if the government could bring back old dollar rates, old fuel prices, old flight costs, prompt operating price, old taxation, old security standards and more. He wrote, ‘‘Since una don bring back old national anthem, can you people bring back our old dollar price, old fuel price, old flight prompt operating style, old taxation and old security standards’’


Teniola Apata

Nigerian singer and songwriter, professionally known Teni The Entertainer wrote, “Arise o compatriots, I’ll miss you, thank you for so many child hood memories, till we meet again, love SM”

Noble Igwe

Nigerian Blogger, Noble Igwe, also gave his two cents on X: “Exchange rate is sky rocketing, cost of living is so high, insecurity in many parts of the country but one year in office,however, let’s change the national anthem.

This is so sad and shameful.”


Steve Onu

Stand-up comedian and on-air personality, Steve Onu popularly known as Yaw, he lamented bitterly over the high cost of food, after which he queried the lawmakers for changing the National Anthem while they were unable to do same for food prices in the market

He said, “How do people that earn 30k cope? A tuber of yam is now N5000, I bought this cucumber for N300. The prices of foodstuff are increasing daily, yet it is the National Anthem they are focusing on. Anyone that wants to visit me should please eat in their houses before coming.”



Nigerian singer Olawale Ibrahim Ashimi, popularly known in music circles as Brymo, also reacted to the return of the old national anthem as ordered by President Bola Tinubu.

While reacting to the development, Brymo, in a post shared on his official Instagram handle, cynically said that he was very happy at the decision to revert to the old national anthem.

He also used the medium to describe President Tinubu as the ‘’Greatest of All Times, GOAT” of all presidents that the country has had in recent times.

‘‘President Bola Tinubu is officially my G.O.A.T!!! Of all Nigerian presidents,. Read the lyrics of the new national anthem… First stanza is all you need; it asserts Nigeria is motherland and now Africa can be fatherland and be the symbol of polygamy, and we can all focus on one family unit each family…And my favourite part; ‘‘In brotherhood we stand.’’ We are all now members of the greatest cult on earth.’’ he wrote.


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