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Charles OPUTA alias Charly Boy attacks YORUBA on Facebook

He wrote 🖊️ this on face book and got a reply from Irohin Oodua

“Almost 70yrs I have lived, I have never heard any story of my Yoruba brothers being harassed or terrorized in the eastern part of this country.
Why is the reverse the case in the west.
What offence did their Igbo brothers commit to always be targeted any time election draws near” by Charly Boy

Irohin oodua replies him on Facebook:—

“You are one of the problem. You own land in Lagos. You own houses in Lagos. You even have a bus stop in Lagos. Can you name one single Yoruba musician that has land or bust stop in the entire South East?

We have Igbo in the Lagos State House of Assembly. We have Igbo in the Lagos Cabinet as a Commissioner. No single Yoruba person in all the 5 SE states not even a Special Assistant to the Governor. We have many Igbo that we know in Lagos, Oyo and even Ondo civil service. No single Yoruba in all the SE civil service. UNN has never produced Igbo Students Union President.

OAU, UI, UNILAG and even LASU have produced Igbo as students Union President. Zik even wanted to be Prime Minister over Yorubaland but Awo never had that aspiration and you think its is normal?

That a tiger moves slowly is not a sign of cowardice. Can Igbo stand a Yoruba person saying Onitsha, Owerri or Enugu Ukwu is no man’s land? But some of your people claim Lagos “Na no man’s land” Each election year, you raise Gubernatorial aspirants in Yoruba territories and you even nod your people on not that you have a better programme but that Igbo should take over?

When Ojukwu started the war his target was Ore and Lagos? Why? Have your read history at all? Akintola and many Yoruba were killed during Nźeogwu coup but no single Igbo was killed? Your lord, Nnandi Kano issued radio life broadcast asking Igbo to attack Tinubu and Sanwo Olu during ENDSARs protests. The records are there. He even urged them to attack Yoruba police stations and cart away arms? Your statement here has shown that you are another Kanu in disguise. What you have done is to stir hate and avarice. We need to tell you some Home truths about your own history which you arrogantly but stupidly hate to admit

Please be careful not to dip your hands too dip into the lungs of your host so that it will not be bitten mercilessly to your eternal regret. Be aware that madness is not your own exclusive trademark.”

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