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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

#Christians & Muslims Are One – Holy Books. (Video)

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Headlinenews wishes our readers a blessed new week ahead. Nigerians should understand we are all one before God and should embrace peace and unity in order to ensure sustainable development for the Nation. Competence should be the watchword. Let us be our brothers’ keepers as God has ordained. God bless you all. This video confirms the nexus between Islam and Christianity. Each person develops a relationship with God as he/ she finds spiritually fulfilling. This should not be a factor in politics or governance. If this has been done, it should be corrected. United we stand, divided we fall.

National Patriots would like to appeal to Nigerians to watch this video and appreciate the fact that both Muslims & Christians have more in common than apart. As Patriots, we are committed to promoting meritocracy, Patriotism and governance with best practices for the overall interest of our Nation. We need to see ourselves as a part of a whole progressive Nigeria by God’s grace irrespective of the heterogeneity of the Country.

Let us work together to build our Country!!!

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