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Cleric admonishes Hajj-returnees to shun vices

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Alfa Salaudeen Al-Muffassir, an Ilorin based cleric, on Friday admonished returning pilgrims from Hajj to avoid alcohol drinking and other vices capable of nullifying their pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Giving the advice in Ilorin in his Friday sermon, Al-Muffassir reminded the pilgrims of the work and toil they underwent while performing the Hajj, adding that Hajj is vigourous and tasking.

The cleric who spoke on requirements of Hajj returnees after the pilgrimage, explained that Muslims must be closer to Almighty Allah than their previous commitment.

He observed that it was futile efforts on the part of some people after financial and physical efforts to end up getting their Hajj nullified because of their evil acts.

According to him, a Hajj returnee must avoid anything capable of destroying the Hajj performed and warned against evil acts and envy, which can nullify their acts of worship.

He said Muslims who performed Hajj should do away with bad deeds and should renounce any act capable of incurring the wrath of Allah.

Al-Muffassir observed that there are signs that would manifest when a Muslim returns from Hajj, which shows that the pilgrim’s act of worship are accepted by Almighty Allah.

“Signs that show that Allah accept one’s act of worship is that Muslims will be inclined towards the worship of Allah at all times.

“Those that engaged in any vice before visiting the Holy Land will stop them, and turn to following the tenets of Islam,” he said.

He therefore advised Hajj returnees to be eager and be helpful towards humanity and to shun bad companies who may derail them.

“Hajj returnees should be careful in their speech and should indulge always in giving good counsel to others and exhibit good character.

“Similarly, Muslim parents should always be God-conscious and also strive to impart good trainings to their children and wards.

“Parents must avoid giving Android phones to their children as it can have negative consequences of eroding their morals,” he said.

NewsSourceCredit: NAN

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