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#Danger! Anthrax Pandemic: Keep Away From Cow Meat Now.

Headlinenews.news correspondents filed in a report about the number of death of cattle in Lagos from Anthrax. Every day, several dead cows are dumped in the Garbage Dump in Lagos. Concerned citizens are planning to burn them so as to control the spread of the disease, Pandemic.

Lagos State Officials were nowhere to be found for an interview. Citizens are warning the public to desist from eating beef as there is no way to confirm if the beef isn’t contaminated. Many will have to start eating fish or become vegetarian in this period. Goat meat is an option, but its better safe than sorry!

The public is therefore warned to avoid buying meat which is offered cheap.
Anthrax has been confirmed to be in Nigeria and we need to be cautious.

The cattle dying daily is a confirmation of this disease in our livestock.
Please exercise some discipline with beef intake henceforth.

Imran Khazaly.

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