#Fans Tackle Helen Paul On Her Recent Accident Revelation


HEADLINENEWS reports that Popular Nigerian comedienne, Helen Paul is under criticism on social media after she recounted her supposed ‘motor accident’ experience which happened four months ago.

Recall Helen Paul revealed on her Instagram page that she was involved in a tragic car accident, that affected one of her eyes after her head suffered a concussion leaving an eye black and due to that she had to wear sunglasses to cover the affected eye as she took pictures with her friends.

“When taking pictures with others, I would leave my sunglasses on and many complained that I didn’t want my face to show in pictures with them. Some even assumed I was being proud, being a star” .

“They were totally oblivious of the true situation. Not all things are truly what they appear to be. Many are hiding alot and showing the best side on social media”.

“Focus on the majors and forget the minors. Thank God everyday for all blessings, great and small”.

Reacting to her narration, some Nigerians did not buy into it and accused her of lying as they allude that she was rather hit by her husband and just trying to cover up for her husband who subjected her to domestic violence.

Reacting to this,
Spotlights wrote: “I’m I the only one thinking what I am thinking. We get a black eye from receiving a punch or am I wrong?”

Adaobi Adah wrote: “Hope it is not domestic violence.”

Mvcry wrote: “I know a punch print from the suffer head knuckles of a Nigerian man when I see it. Helen turn this did.”

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