# Food Poisoning: Do Not Freeze Food For Too Long, Or Leave In The Fridge Long To Prevent Illness. VIDEO Must Watch & Read.


They can be found in every food that’s not well preserved and not only sausage, especially fatty foods and are responsible for making food to get spoiled.

They’re Pathogen microorganisms that cannot be seen with naked eyes. They grow best at room temperatures. They can also grow at refrigerator or freezer temperatures.

Pathogenic microorganisms may grow in foods without any noticeable change in odor, appearance or taste.

That’s why it’s advisable to ALWAYS cook or microwave food at a very high temperature to kill the pathogen before eating to avoid food poisoning which can lead to sickness.

Please take good care of the food you eat, especially freezing or taking them out and leaving them out of the fridge for hours. Freezing for long period is not the safest. These days when the electricity is not stable and diesel has become a luxury product, we need to learn how to preserve our food to prevent high hospital bills. Make sure all food is well cooked for a long period. Eating in restaurants should be with caution due to pre-cooked food, frozen and reheated. it appears the Bukateria offers the only safe option for those that do not cook at home. The food there is freshly bought and cooked without storage as they dont have storage facilities! However, it has its own disadvantages. Try to work out a balance with is preferable to you, but please take better care of how your food is stored, prepared and what you eat from today!  


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