#Fraudulent Investment Platform, Racksterli, Promoted By Pop Star Davido & Former Senator Dino Melaye, Resurrect With New Way of Defrauding Gullible Nigerians

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An investment platform known as Racksterli, which was promoted by Afro beat pop star, Davido and a former Lawmaker, had earlier been exposed for defrauding gullible members of the Public, has allegedly devised new tactics to continue scamming people.

According to Sahara Reporters, Racksterli owned by Michael Chidiebere Oti, apart from now promising mouth-watering return on investment within 45 minutes – an incredibly short period of time – from the 30-day period it dangled before investors in the past until its crash in June 2021, has also increased the amount of ROI on each investment made.

Investors are now assured by the firm that whatever amount they put in would be doubled within the 45-minute timeframe and that the financial reward is certain.

Scores of Nigerians desperate to boost their finances have been jumping at the offer from Racksterli without envisaging what may come.

“At first, they tell you that they will double any amount you deposit within 45 minutes.

“But the problem starts after you make your first deposit and they start to extort you by demanding all sorts of money from you.

“I invested N50, 000 but they ended up extorting N175,000 from me without any returns. They were even still asking me to pay more.

“A lot of Nigerians have fallen victim to this all because Davido was involved.

“Racksterli has refused to pay any return on investment or refund my entire money. They are rogues,” an aggrieved investor, Max Okechukwu, who lost his money to the firm, said.

In Audio recordings of a conversation between Okechukwu and Oti, who claimed his name was Davidson, our correspondent observed how the Racksterli founder vigorously cajoled the investor to put in more money in order to have his bank account credited with six times the original amount he put in within one minute.

Urging Okechukwu to “behave like a man” and erase fear from his mind, Davidson told him that the firm recently paid over 1,750 investors several millions of naira for their loyalty and faith in Racksterli.

According to him, if Okechukwu paid in more money as he requested, all the financial benefits would be withdrawn at once and sent into his bank account.

Oti claimed that investors’ funds were partly used to trade in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, adding that they were certified by various government agencies, so customers had no reason to worry.

However, according to Sahara Reporters, all those explanations were part of new strategies adopted by Chidiebere Oti and his group to continue to squeeze hard-earned funds from unsuspecting members of the public due to the poor state of the economy and hardship.

The firm has changed its website a few times and constantly, ‘illegally’ deletes comments of complainants on its various social media platforms in order to continue deceiving unsuspecting members of the Public.

Apart from Musician Davido, Nollywood stars, Nancy Isime and Williams Uchemba, are among Nigerian celebrities who endorsed Racksterli in the past before the company was initially exposed as a fraud.

When contacted by Sahara Reporters on Tuesday over his continued scamming of unsuspecting Nigerians, Oti declined to speak.

Headlinenews.news observes that it is the constitutional responsibility of the Nigerian Police to protect Nigerians’ lives and properties from criminals of all shades. They may collaborate with the Interpol for technical support if need be. Cybercrimes ought to be pursued with more vigorous prosecution in order to arraign more scapegoats and serve as a deterrent to many! Members of the Public are advised to be more cautious and stop looking for short cuts to wealth acquisition. It comes with dire consequences which is never worth it at the end of the day!

Celebrities should know how much influence they have on their fans and should always try not to lead fans into Ponzi schemes. Most People joined this platform because of the validity their celebrities helped to portray this platform look like a legitimate investment.

Celebrities include DavidoOgunleye Olamide Babatunde aka OluwadolarzNancy E IsimeDiane RussetWilliams Uchemba, and many others.

Hardwork may appear challenging, but would pay on the long run with peace and comfort. Live honestly – Headlinenews.news.

SOURCE: Sahara Reporters, monitored by Headlinenews.news.

Headlinenews.news reported a N400billion scam and Cybercrime involving a 25 year old  in June 2021 who scammed 500,000 innocent Nigerians.




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