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1.when they tell you PETER OBI is different. Tell them, *if he is different, he will never associate with Atiku* Till today he still see Atiku as his leader and he will never criticize him. He is also a serial cross carpeter like othe nigerian politicians. From APGA to PDP to LP.

*2* If they say they just don’t want APC and PDP.

*Tell them Peter Obi and his deputy were formal PDP members*

And Doyin okupe and co who worked with GEJ will be part of his government. Even saraki will decamp

*3* if they say APC and PDP destroy nigerian.

*Tell them Peter obi was part of the destroyers under GEJ as members of economic advisers*.

*4* if they tell you Tinubu is old?

*Tell them none of them is young, Peter obi is 61yrs old and qualified to be a geriatric patient in some country*

Majority of past US presidents are above 65yrs.

*5*.If they say Peter Obi is intelligent and an economic guru.

*Tell them Peter obi studied philosophy and finished with third class*

BAT graduated on top of his class in accountancy.

*6*If they say Peter obi performed well as Anambra Governor?

*Ask them how come no standing physical legacy we could point to in Anambra*

Also, how come we didn’t know untill now when *BOLA TINUBI, FASHOLA, AMBODE, AKPABIO, AMAECHI, UDOM EMMANUEL, UMAHI, ZULUM etc good performance in their states were and are known by all*

Peter obi at any time was never the best performing governor in the country.

*7* If they say Lagos used to be former capital.

*Tell them Lagos is different from Lagos state & Lagos state and river state were both established in 1966*

Lagos has 5 districts, only one of the district was formal capital. Tinubu developed the rest four exclusively.

*8* If they tell you Tinubu did nothing in lagos?

*Tell them to tell you how lekki and island looked like before 1999*

Pls ask them if, *RRS, LCDA, LAMATA, LAWMA, Millennium schools,etc were in existence before 1999*

*9* If they tell you, but Fashola and Ambode did 7 and 9?

*Tell them TINUBU laid the foundations* Afterall, they didn’t support him when he brought them and they blame their failures on Tinubu. He can as well be responsible for their success.

*10* If they tell you Lateef Jakande prepared the blueprint, tell them *Lateef jakande was Awolowo disciple just like Tinubu*

Tinubu reviewed the blueprint. BRT and Lekki free trade zones etc were never part of Jakande Plans.

*11* Dangote refinery was supposed to be in Ondo state. Tell them,

*Tinubu and fashola wooed him to lagos, ask Dangote himself*

*12* If they tell you Tinubu is a bigot, tell them,

*Tinubu was the first governor since 1999 to appoint an Igbo man, Ben akabueze from anambra as commissioner in lagos, Can Ibo governor appoint other tribe as a commissioner? While Tinubu wife is a Christian for 35yrs with Majority of his political disciples cut across board*

Ask them to mention one act of detribalization or non act of religion bigotry by Peter obi.

*Infact he deported northerners and non anambra indigenes when he was a Governor*

He has never congratulated Muslims on any Eid Celebration before until recently, who is he deceiving.

*He is yet to visit Owo since the attack in the CATHOLIC Church*

*13* If they tell you Tinubu is greedy and ambitious, tell them, *Tinubu left power since 2007 & he never aspired to become a senator or minister or decamped, even as he sponsors and supports a lot of his political associates to hold elective positions untill now*

It is desperation that made PETER OBI to jump from *APGA to PDP to LP*

*14* If they tell you Tinubu should be made responsible for Buhari few shortcomings, Tell them,

*They have forgotten Tinubu was mocked for being Sidelined, Used and Dumped by the Buhari government, thereby preventing him from proffering economic advice to them*

Infact, the Opposition celebrated his decimation.

*Tinubu only crime is that he remains loyal to his party and the game, waiting for this moment to Right the Wrongs & God will help him to reposition Nigeria*

*15* If they tell you, he has no secondary school certificate. Tell them,

*To produce Dr Afe Babalola secondary* *school certificate & that* *there are many* *alternatives qualifications to enter university abroad*

*16* If they tell you he is responsible for LEKKI massacre. Tell them,

*It boils down to hatred and blackmail*

Hatred will not kill some people, initially they said he was the one sponsoring Endsars to embarras Buhari. Later they said he ordered thugs to attack Endsars protesters, and lastly, he ordered the army to shoot at protesters. Ask them,

*Can someone who holds no political office suddenly give orders to the army?*

Even a sitting governor was unable to order a common police commissioner in his state during the Mayhem in Magodo, Lagos.

*We saw videos of where Nnamdi kanu was ordering his brothers to go and destroy Tinubu’s businesses and companies* because of the hatred they have for Tinubu.

*17* If they tell you he wants to islamize Nigeria by choosing shetimma. Tell them,

*The same CAN still blame buhari for Islamization even when he chose Pastor Osinbajo*

The Igbo people never voted Awolowo when he chose Philip, a Christian like him as vice.

Even till early this year, Igbo and some Christians still call OSINBAJO fake pastor. So, even if Tinubu pick Pope, they will still call him fake POPE as they are calling bishops that attended shetimma unveiling fake.

They have called pastor osinbajo, a renowned RCCG pastor fake before.

Infact, to them Tinubu wife is fake.

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