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#Insecurity: True Case Reported By Victim, Nigerians Should Not Trust Anyone Including Family Members.

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A pastor in Ondo state was kidnapped few weeks ago and a ransom of N3million was demanded , friends and families, church members gathered the money and paid for his release. About 2weeks ago , the same group kidnapped his wife. The pastor was furious and he went to the enclave of the kidnappers to protest his annoyance. When he got there, he asked their leader why his wife should be kidnapped after paying N3million just 2 weeks ago for his release. That, is he the only person in Nigeria?. The leader of the group was full of rage and called his lieutenants and ask them the following questions:

Q1. Do you know this man?

Answer : Yes, we kidnapped him few weeks ago.

Q2. How much did we receive as ransome from him?

Answer: N3million

Q3. How much did you bring to me and begged me to release him

Answer: N50k

The leader then asked one of them to remove his mask that covered his face.

God of Mercy!! It turned out to be the Pastor’s cousin that comes to his house regularly. The pastor was shocked!

The leader picked his gun and killed the cousin on the spot and released the woman to her pastor husband to go in peace.

What a country we are living in! The love for money by people who don’t want to work but are looking for free money.

Be vigilant in your environment even among your family members, there must be an informant, an insider to monitor your movement before giving you away.

May God* help us* .

πŸ™True *life**story* , please share and be very careful with people around you.

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