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#Is Lagos Truly A Lawless State With Corrupt Physical Planning Officials And No Planning Road Map To Protect Residents?

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Nigerians React

* This World na wa Oooo. How can a married woman sell her Husband’s property to her man friend and young lover? Shame on her. One day, the man will catch her. The truth will surely come out. She must be a terrible human being. Abi she no born for the man? God will punish her. I don’t like to hear of such a matter. Make she no kill her husband. Such women are dangerous. I sorry for men Ooo. That man never know. One day he go know. God will catch this man with the hotel, government go investigate him and the woman. Osalobua Oooo. Useless woman. If its in my place, they will stone her to death.
Madam Chinyere, Caterer. Edo.

* This is just too bad. What sort if country is this? It is so unfair. That project must be stopped, reappraised, approval suspended and revoked after appraisal. This should not be the usual case for settlement of corrupt officials like the ikoyi building collapse. In fact, we will monitor this development now and make sure the social media fight this cause. I can’t believe this happened in Victoria Island, Lagos.
Engr, Olurotimi, Lagos.

* True. Something fundamental is wrong in the implementation of the Lagos masterplan as regards commercial and residential developments. This must be corrected immediately. How can somebody wake up in the morning for a commercial development to spring up in the residential street or area. No. It’s wrong. I think the residential association should go to court. The land planning authorities are so corrupt in lagos, they allow anything to happen. Nobody cares about the residents, only their dirty filthy pockets!
Patience. O. Banker, Lekki.

* I am pleased to see someone bringing up this matter. Well done Headlinenews. This is an example of what has been happening in Lagos and everybody is turning a blind eye. They build nightclubs on a residential street and disturb all residents and even the police can’t stop them because they claim to have night club licence from Alausa. An example is that TMPL nuisance. The Alausa officials need to correct all their mistakes quickly because the social media is coming after them to expose them. They will lose their jobs for their corrupt ways. Enough of corruption. People’s lives are endangered because of their selfish corrupt ways. The approval for the 10 storey Hotel on that close must be revoked otherwise, I personally will do everything possible to expose the culprits and use our professional associations and network to fight it.
Arc. Mohammed, Abuja.& Lagos.

* I heard its one Lebanese contractor Black Diamond doing the development . They claim they are untouchable and did projects in Ikoyi that they know how to settle them in Alausa and have connections. This is terrible. Can they do that in their own country? The normal thing for Alausa to do is to write everybody in the close if they agree to the construction of a multistorey hotel on the close. If even only one person rejects, the development can not be done. Let them look for another location. Simple. People are selfish & act with impunity. What can the people do? That’s the attitude. Now, the people have a voice with social media. We will give them hell. That’s the only way to check corruption and corrupt construction company making life difficult for people.
Cynthia, activist, journalist.

* As far as I am concerned, this is a regular thing. I heard its a yahoo yahoo young boy based in London who is building the hotel. Can he try that in London? They said his girlfriend is the wife of the owner of the property who sold it to him and she will furnish the hotel for him. He has more money than brains and said he can buy Tinubu if need be, because he has bought everybody in Alausa including the Governor. Now, we will know if it is true. If that approval is not revoked, then the young man is right. It means they are all in his pocket. These yahoo boys are terrible. Nobody to ask for his source of wealth? I understand he is not even a yoruba boy. Some say he is also a drug Baron. This kind of character must be investigated by EFCC. Lagos allows all characters to do anything as long as the money is there. The money can’t be from the UK because of strict money laundering laws. That money must be drug money or cybercrime money, scam etc. I am sure. They must investigate the young man. Even his girlfriend, the wife of the original owner of the house will give more information. I will post more info on this matter.
Samuel, Investigative Journalist, Researcher.

* Enough is enough. Lagos Alausa corruption is getting too much. We must expose and see that the public knows how these selfish people are destroying lives daily. I pity those people on that close. It’s so sad to have a useless Governor in a state who works with such corrupt officials. They must suspend the commissioner for physical planning and heads of all the sub agencies to bring some sanity to the system. Jagaban should take note and call his people to order. Lagos is supposed to be the good example for election, so let them correct the problem of lagos now now Alausa is a problem. They give licences and approvals for money without considering the peoples welfare. Nightclubs and events are done everyday, residents can’t sleep. Lasepa can’t check them. Noise level is too high. Lasepa has not prosecuted anybody, so no deterrent for offenders. Last two weeks, every night in Victoria Island there was so much noise with music. It needs attention. What is lasepa’s job? It’s better to scrap the agency. The police should be directed to arrest. Events must be in a confined place and no noise to disturb residents like abroad.
Dr. Adeyemi, City Hospital.

* Rescue Lagos will soon be launched. It appears there is need for an Ngo to address these issues. It’s too bad. A nice city with potential but poor planning and corrupt officials want to spoil it for their selfish reasons. They will spend the money given in a few months and leave the damage done for posterity. It will never be well for them and their families for generations to come. They are destroying lives for their own needs. God will punish all of them who are guilty. They will die in pain and shame. Their children will never do well. Corruption must be checked in this State.
Folashade, Fashion Designer. Lagos Indigene.

It’s totally true !! Right in front of the deputy’s house there is a building being built that has no set back to the Gerrard road it is less than 3m and they are still building and the mumu is looking at it every morning

Engineer Olutatobi, Ikoyi, Lagos

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