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#Joshua, Usyk Rematch Worst Heavyweight Fight Ever –Fury

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Tyson Fury has labelled Oleksandr Usyk rematch win over Anthony Joshua as one of the worst heavyweight fights he has ever seen.

The unbeaten Ukrainian defended his unified WBO, WBA and IBF world heavyweight titles by winning a brilliant 12-rounder via split decision in Saudi Arabia on Saturday night.

In a video posted to his Instagram story as he watched the scrap surrounded by friends and family.

“After watching that, I can say that’s one of the worst heavyweight fights I’ve ever seen,” he put on his Instagram story.

“I would annihilate both of them on the same night.

Get your chequebook out because the Gypsy King is here to stay forever.”

It is hoped Usyk’s back-to-back wins over Joshua will now set the scene for a thrilling showdown with Fury, who has once more reversed his decision to retire from the sport.

After his victory, Usyk had called out Fury – the WBC title holder – in an effort to put together an undisputed fight which could be worth up to £100m to both undefeated boxers. No man has held every major heavyweight title in boxing since Lennox Lewis back in 2000.

Fury has until Friday to decide whether he will keep hold of his WBC belt or accept a fight with Usyk which would likely be held in the Middle East at the end of the year.

And following his win over Joshua, Usyk said, “I want to fight him and if I am not fighting Tyson Fury, I am not fighting at all. Only God knows whether I will fight him or not, but all these gentlemen here around me, my team, they are going to help me.”

Nigerians Reaction

The judges were whites, so what would one expect? The bookies too had placed a heavy bet on Usyk and didn’t want to lose money. Corruption! All these Sports have a strong influence by the accredited bookies and this determines winners. It was a closely contested fight! Very sad. Someday, we will be at par!

AJ was robbed. It was obvious. He was determined to win the fight at all cost which he did but d judges really played on him.

Let me find a blackman or woman supporting Ukraine again!!!!! They are racists!!!!

These big fight promoters are the most corrupt in the world. If you know the dynamics and undercurrents involved in these fights, you will tell some people not to bother. But its good we are not distracted and we are still showing them we are as good and better than them! Remember the controversy when Tobi Amusan broke the World record in the US recently, some white freak said it wasn’t recorded properly. Then God helped us so she broke the record again at the Commonwealth games. They will eventually accept us as undisputed champions. I know they will replay this fight to Joshua’s managers so they can evaluate the marking scheme and make sure Joshua is given fairplay in the next match!

The scores are

Judge Victor Fesechko-

Usyk 116. AJ 112


Judge Steve Gray-

Usyk 115. AJ 113.

Judge Glen Feldman

Usyk 113. AJ 115

So, you see how they awarded marks. Pity.

To be fair, 6 months back when Usyk knocked AJ out and he couldn’t get up after the count of 10, they probably had some idea that he is better. You know Usyk is heavily built and he has put on weight since the last fight. He is more sturdy. Sometimes the weight helps, but AJ has the skills and is quick. I really don’t understand their marking scheme template. There are three cameras fixed on three angles of the ring so that the judges can see the punches etc properly. The judges don’t sit together but at these three angles of the ring! Anyway, enough of boxing!!!! Have a lovely Sunday.

Bloody Ukrainian. Split decision. Out of the 3 judges. 1 for Josh and the other two for the Ukrainian Usyk. Call it sympathy, call it emotional, call it racism. At the end of the day, Joshua is a more skillful Fighter.



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