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Saturday, September 24, 2022

#Jummat Mubarak Blessings. (Video, Prayers, Jummat Settings, Verses.)

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Headlinenews wishes to wish its numerous Islamic readers Jummat Mubarak. May Allah’s Blessings be upon us, our families & friends now and always. Ameen.

Headlinenews shall continue to bring you news from Nigeria, Africa, Middle East, Europe & the World as the breaking news portal from New York, Lagos, London.

We thank all those who have supported Headlinenews and pray that Allah The most Gracious and Most merciful continue to bless them now and always. Ameen.

Your forgiveness leads to your mercy, forgive our sins.

Your mercy creates a clean record and new beginnings for your servant, have mercy on us.

Ya-Zuljalali wal’ikhram!!! Nothing is greater than your mighty power, forgive our sins with your power.

Make our records clean with your forgiveness, Save us from your punishment in this life, in the grave and the day of judgment.
Jumma’at Mubarak

The favour of ALLAH(SWT) makes the journey of life easy, His Grace makes it Great, His Mercies makes it exceptional. May Almighty ALLAH(SWT) Continually shower His blessings upon us and the entire members of our family. Amin. “RABBANA AATINNA FID-DUNIYAA HASANATAN WAFIL-AAKHIRATI HASANATAN WA QINNA ADHAABAN NAAR “.Ameena. Juma’ah Mubarak🙏🌙🕌🕋

The National Patriots uses this opportunity to wish our Muslim brothers & sisters Jummat Mubarak. We are all one with God. God is the Creator and accepts all those who defer to His Omnipotence, Omnipresence.

No religion can divide us, but what brought us together as one Nation should keep us together as Nigerians for progress, peace, unity & prosperity. Amen.

Dr. Fraser. MFR.


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