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#Just In! Exclusive: African Liberation: OBAMA Addresses UN, Western Powers. Headlinenews.news

URGENT: Former President of the UNITED STATES BARACK OBAMA has just said in front of 3 African leaders following Mali’s intervention at the United Nations General Assembly in New York:

“You know, the problem of Africa is no longer a political one, nor an imperialist one, nor a colonialist one.
The African people have understood what is happening.

Before, we could do and it worked, but today, the old method no longer works.
And what is serious in all this is that the people of Mali know that Westerners are aware that Malians are not afraid of them.

So, even if you try to bring down these 5 colonels, the people will prevent you from dominating them and it will be even more serious.
Since they need uncorrupted threadheads, then the fight must be with all 5 colonels.
And they will be ready to die defending themselves.

The only thing that can be done today is to follow their path and help them fight this fight.
Whatever you do with these Westerners, the African people have taken a path of no return.
This fight has already taken the mentality of the blacks, and their goals are real independence, not corrupt independence.

And if the Europeans continue to resist, for sure, they will lose all the places they had in the world from an economic point of view.

Today, you just have to negotiate with the Malians and then the other African countries will give in.

These 5 colonels opened the eyes of those who were afraid of the West.

All the African leaders who are with the West must know that the data have changed, the methods where it was necessary to pay to win consciences can no longer change the objective of this fight.

The old method no longer lives, the new generation has understood and I agree with them.”

You won’t see this in Western media So share as much as possible.

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