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#Just In! Exclusive: How Emefiele Devalued Naira Beyond Repair, Details

Emefiele did not remember the Bible when he , together with Buhari , plundered our resources and destroyed the economy.

Through the CBN’s balance sheet just released, it is now clear that Buhari , through the CBN ,took secret loans from international organisations like JP Morgan , Goldman Sachs, FX Forwards etc. I am talking of secret loans up to 15 billion dollars.

Secret in the sense that the national assembly was not even aware of it and therefore , after the loans were received , there was no appropriation. Buhari , Emefiele and their thieving band just kept spending and plundering.

Buhari took those secret loans and used our foreign reserves (built by past governments) as collateral.

This is in addition to other humongous loans that he took , with the approval of the ‘o yes’ national assembly, from world bank ,IMF , ADB and other international financial institutions. He also took loans from countries like China, France,India , Japan and Germany.

Buhari took more loans in 8 years than all the loans , when added together, taken by past governments of Nigeria since our independence in 1960. Let that sink. He took more loans in 8 years than what we took in our first 55 years as a country.

And yet that was not enough for Buhari and Emefiele.

It has now emerged that Emefiele printed 23 trillion Naira for Buhari to spend without any appropriation or oversight by the national assembly. This is what has made the value of the Naira to tank.

Go and read the CBN report just published and you will weep for what Buhari did to Nigeria. The man is worse than Abacha. Compared to Buhari, Janathan is an angel.

I hope that those who voted him because “Osinbajo will handle the economy” can now clap for themselves.


The National Patriots


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