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#Just In! TINUBU of 1999 Is Different From TINUBU of 2023. (Video)

Headlinenews reports the trending video of an interview confirming the public opinion that President Tinubu is no longer the NADECO Activist Nigerians loved with qualities for reforming Nigeria. Today, many Nigerians are worried that President Tinubu may have compromised his ideals and will not meet up to their expectations.
It is now up to the President to disprove them and ensure that he maintains his earlier political stance to use his office for the benefit of Nigeria and Nigerians not for the politicians alone.
It is a balance which must be achieved as a true Patriot. President Tinubu should not miss this opportunity to leave his name in Nigeria’s Political history in gold with a sustainable legacy for Nigerians.
We look forward to the Tinubu we know & trust holding the position as President.

TINUBU of 1999 Is So Different From TINUBU of 2023. The Difference Is Apparent. Let’s Hope & Pray TINUBU Can Retain His Sterling Qualities Which Endeared Him To Many. It’s Not Too Late. That’s Why Videos Like This Are Important For Damage Control. We Need The TINUBU We Supported To Power In Order To Fix Nigeria!
Dr. Hameeda


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