#Kano Shuts Mushroom School Where 7-year-old Hanifa Was Killed, Buried and Mutilated.


The Kano State Government has shut Noble Kids Academy, in Nasarawa Local Government Area, where an abducted pupil, Hanifa Abubakar, was killed, mutilated  and buried.

Five-year-old Hanifa was abducted on 4 December by her teacher, Abdulmalik Mohammed Tanko, who has been arrested by the police.

Abdulmalik demanded a ransom of N6million but went ahead to kill her after receiving the money.

“On investigation, Abdulmalik confessed that the victim, Hanifa was his student at a private school in Kwanar Dakata, Nassarawa LGA, Kano State”, the Kano Police Command said in a statement.

“He kidnapped her and took her to his house where he contacted her relatives and demanded a ransom of Six Million Naira (N6,000,000),” the Public Relations Officer of the Kano Police Command, Haruna Kiyawa, said on Friday.

“On the 18/12/2021, having realised that the victim recognized him, he claimed to have poisoned her to death, conspired with one Hashim Isyaku and buried her in a shallow grave within the private school premises located at Kwanar ‘Yan Gana, Tudun Murtala Quarters, Nassarawa LGA, Kano State.”

“Where are girls safe? Where are our kids safe? How low can people stoop in their quest for quick wealth?”. asked Mmiliaku Genevieve in a post on Facebook.

“This is an inhuman and barbaric act. I cannot contemplate how a sane person would separate a little girl from her parents and subsequently kill her,” wrote David Ezra Nabasu.

A Facebook account in Credible Media said: “This is a very painful one.

“What on earth can possess a teacher/School owner Abdulmalik Mohammed Tanko to kidnap this child and feed her with rat poison even after collecting N6,000,000. What on earth!!!

“There is something wrong in a system that has allowed kidnapping to become a “simple business” that anyone can engage in.

Headlinenews realises that there is a social issue that needs to be addressed in Nigeria. Headlinenews has observed that the numbers of heinous crimes are increasing day by day and becoming more gruesome. People no longer have the fear of God- Muslims, Christians, Traditionalists are all guilty of this indifference. There is a global issue and many Africans get influenced by what they watch in movies. Besides, the greatest influence on people today is the effect of modern drugs on Africans. Majority of these crimes are committed under the influence of drugs and this is against the rich enviable culture of Africans. we urgently need to address this maladie otherwise it may lead to a total breakdown of the society. This crime against this young girl Hanifa is an aberration and Headlinenews is appealing to the authorities to consider this a wake up call to curb this menace of kidnapping. The National Assembly should pass the anti-kidnapping law for a life sentence jail term immediately. it could happen to anybody’s family! May the young gentle soul of Hanifa rest in eternal peace. may Allah grant her soul Firdaus Al-Jannat. Amin.

All Nigerians and Corporate organisations must partner with the Government to fight crime, drugs, kidnapping etc. The NDLEA ought to set up Hotlines where they can be reached anytime with names, numbers, facts, figures, location etc in order to assist with reducing drugs usage, supply in Nigeria. The Police anti-Kidnapping Unit should publicise working Hotlines for alert to attend to any abduction case before lives are lost.

Headlinenews sympathises with the family of Hanifa, May Allah give them the courage to bear the unexpected and unfortunate loss. All mushroom schools should be closed, Local Government Authorities should place strict conditions for the establishment of Schools henceforth with good references and psychological evaluation reports for all teachers and School Proprietors as is done in developed Countries.


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