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#NAFDAC Warns Nigerians Against Use of Sniper for Food Preservation, Says it Causes Cancer and Deaths


Headlinenews.news correspondents reported the indiscriminate use of “Sniper” for food preservation with a video of a Northerner in the Lagos Oyingbo market claiming all dried fish & stockfish in Nigeria are preserved with the Sniper poison to prevent insect infestation.. The publisher of Headlinenews.news was also a victim to this food poisoning from Snipered Stockfish consumption. This was reported in our publication as we advised the Government to take steps to protect consumers & educate traders against the use of Sniper poison to preserve food stuff.

Today, the listening government of President Tinubu has swung into action and taken steps to protect the lives of Nigerians from this misuse of Sniper poison by illiterate foodstuff traders. Even Beans, Maize and other dried foodstuff are snipered today.
Sniper should probably be dispensed only in licensed pharmacies and not bought in markets to place some control on its availability and accessibility.
Raiding the market is also recommended to apprehend a few scapegoats for prosecution to serve as a deterrent to others.
We hereby report on the response of government to stop this use of Sniper for food preservation.
Dr. Hameeda.



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