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Thursday, August 11, 2022

#Nigeria Under Siege: Attack On Zuma Barracks Yesterday.

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Zuma Barrack was attacked by terrorists last night.

In case you don’t know where Zuma Barracks is, let me describe it.

Zuma Barracks is at the entry way to Abuja from Niger State. It’s presumed to be security check for Abuja from that end. And it’s on a straight expressway that leads to the Presidential Villa.

If they succeed with it, the next could be the barracks sharing boundaries with the presidential Villa.

These barracks have an intersection bridge away from the Presidential Villa, close to DSS Headquarters, on the other side of Asokoro-Maitama express.

So in a nutshell, they are directly opposite the north wing of the Presidential Villa also known as Aso Rock.

Last year, I explained that if you hear that the terrorists attack the Presidential Villa and take over the reins of government, just know that it’s a planned work.

If you have been to Aso Rock, you should be aware of how fortified it is. The Villa is fortified around with different military barracks, ie. Wu Bassey Barracks, Niger Barracks, Mogadishu Barracks, etc.

Then on the west side is the DSS, while the Police headquarters is on the east, with the National Assembly, the judiciary bordering the south of the Villa.

If the terrorists succeed with Zuma Barrack, it is because there’s a complicity. And the idea is to allow them access to armored tools to combat their way to the Villa.

What is happening is a clear indication that if this is allowed to thrive, we will all wake up to hear that the terrorists have taken over the seat of power.

It’s all a pretence. Those behind it know what is going on. Nigerian Army is not this weak. We have about the best in Africa.

We need to begin to see what the handwriting on the wall is and also begin to speak up or call out those behind this complicity.

The president must explain himself. That’s all I can say for now.

Please keep away your political sentiment and speak reality


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