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#Nigerian Music Legend Ebenezer Obey Says Late Son Died From Alcohol Abuse

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Nigerian music legend, Ebenezer Obey, has announced the death of his son. The son, Olayinka Obey-Fabiyi, died overseas on July 28 at the age of 48 from the abuse of alcohol.

The 80-year-old Obey, in a statement he issued yesterday, and signed by the general manager of his music group, Tunji Odunmbaku, said he had been aware that Olayinka was addicted to alcohol and had made frantic but unsuccessful efforts to help him get off the addiction.

“The doctors called me six months ago to inform me that Yinka has less than six months to live,” said Obey. “This was very painful and bad news that a father must not hear about his son since then.

“l went back to the Holy Spirit to teach me what to do and the result of my communication with the Holy Spirit is the launching of this ministry.

“I have received several condolence messages from all and sundry. l appreciate and thank you all for your love and concern,” said Obey, who added that his son’s death moved him to create a ministry for people

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