# OBASEKI Scores Another Milestone In Oil & Gas For The SouthSouth and Nigeria.


Governor Godwin Obaseki has been nominated the Governor of the Month by Headlinenews for outstanding achievements In the Oil & Gas sector with the massive refinery 95% completed. The Headlinenews Governor of the Month award is awarded to ONLY deserving Governors based on merit, evaluation and assessment of landmark projects which add much value to the lives of their people and also Nigerians by extension.

Headlinenews has a Nomination Panel which includes Local & International personalities of integrity including retired Judges (Local & International), members of Religious organizations (Local & International), selected Lead Consultants of NGOs, International Representatives of Organization, Technocrats in various sectors of the economy, Women & Youth Organizations and Consultants.

The Headlinenews has set a universal template based on standard benchmarks adopted and approved internationally for its nomination and the award panel scrutinizes nominees in order to confirm the nomination on its merit.

The Headlinenews nomination is conceptualized and designed to put our Governors on their toes in order to ensure that they strive to deliver the dividends of democracy to their people with visible results. Our monitoring and evaluating Team are on ground 24/7 conducting objective, discreet qualitative and quantitative surveys in various States of the Federation.

This nomination has no financial or political inducement and is an Internationally recognized commendation.

This is our modest contribution towards addressing the grievances, sensibilities and sensitivities of Nigerians within this democratic experience in order to make political appointees accountable to the people.

Godwin Obaseki has therefore been nominated and confirmed as the best Governor of the Month of October 2021 for the laudable milestone refinery project which should hopefully douse the tension in the Niger Delta by improving the economy, empowering the youths and the people’s lives greatly.

(Video of Project Included)

Headlinenews Governor of the Month. Congratulations!


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