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#Obi Needs N50bn To Defeat Tinubu – Fayose.

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Isaac, the younger brother of former Ekiti Governor Ayodele Fayose, has said the Labour Party(LP)’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi needs at least N50bn to win in 2023.

Fayose said Obi’s online popularity is not enough to secure victory, emphasising he needs N50bn to defeat the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

He also stressed the Labour Party presidential candidate lacks the political structure to win the contest.

In a video, the younger Fayose said Tinubu has the money and structure to become the next President.

“Out of all the candidates, Obi is the most popular. If we vote today on social media, he will win. But an election is structure-based. So, Obi will need N50bn to be able to make that government a reality. N50bn, yes, Obi will win.

“Remember, Tinubu is a little bit popular too. He has what they call structure. The structure alone is worth N50bn. He has what they call goodwill.

Nigerians React:
Haba, big mouth Fayose. N50bn? Do you take Tinubu so cheap? Please shut up if you don’t understand figures. Do you know what was spent for the Primary, travelling all over Nigeria to 36 States? Not to speak of logistics, honorarium, etc. Abeg shut your mouth. If Obi gets N10 trillion, he can never beat Asiwaju. Asiwaju’s contest is by divine grace, not by human wish as many think. Man Proposes, but God disposes. God wants Asiwaju to come and assuage Nigerians with his fatherly touch and humanitarian nature.

Rotimi, Teacher, Adamawa.

* Fayose should stop talking rubbish. What is N50bn to Asiwaju that Obi will use to beat him. Stop nonsense talk pls. You are insulting Asiwaju. Pls keep quiet. You are not the spokesperson, so respect yourself. Ole. Do you want to chop out of Obi’s money too? It’s your style. Get out.
Malam Hassan, BDC, Nasarawa

Is that all? Fayose should shut his mouth and use his brains. N50b is chicken change. That’s a quarter of Primaries expenses! Obi needs at least N10 trillion if he wants to take Tinubu on. He must pay his agents at every polling unit & collation Centre to protect his interest. 3 agents minimum in every polling unit. 250,000 polling units. Na groundnuts? That’s only the agents. Then we move from the ward collation centres to the state collation centres and federal collation Centre. There are more expensive agents there. The big guys. This is an expensive game. You wouldn’t know till you get there. When you move 100 cows and 90 are missing, you can see it clearly, but when you deploy 100 people and 90 are no longer loyal because they have compromised, you will never know. Isn’t that how Osinbajo learnt the hard way? All those who reassured him betrayed him as he betrayed his benefactor. Its a game of traitors. Treachery of the highest order!

Nigerians React:
Honourable Jagaban, Minna.

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