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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

#Obi: Remove The Log In Your Eye Before Picking The Speck In Another Person’s Eye.

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Prof, if you really care about corruption in high places, don’t you think you should be more concerned with the role Obi played as a member of the technical committee on power privatization along with the other newly discovered motivational speaker, Atedo Peterside who was the chairman of the committee?

One of the worst privatization exercise ever that has ushered in more darkness by handling over those public assets to those who did not have any technical competence to manage them, and did not even pay as committed, and the little they paid was out of the looted funds from public treasury.

To worsen the whole rubbish exercise, the contractual agreement between the voodoo investors and the government was drafted in favor of the former which stipulates stiff financial penalties against the government if the contract is terminated before its expiration even when their performance is what it is today.

The same Obi has the gut to be lecturing us on terrible state of power when as a member of the committee he even used his bank Fidelity to finance one of the companies. Understandably, he doesn’t know the meaning of conflict of interest.

The same Obi that should be in the pool of those we should be shouting, ole ole on their heads is now being portrayed as a messiah. Good radiance to bad rubbish.

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