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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

#Obidents at NBA Conference Misled

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*Shettima at NBA conference – My thoughts*

I believe strongly that behind the Tinubu/Shettima campaign is a highly deft strategist or strategists and I duff my hat for them.

“Obedients” need to be very careful because they seem to have already been demystified.

The strategists factored the Obedients into Shettima’s attendance that day.

1. They provided the perfect distraction for the Obedients who obviously are usually carried away by superficial things and they definitely had their fill.

2. They knew Obi will come spewing figures that will need to be checked and rechecked so they prepared Shettima with figures that are accurate to 4 decimal places

3. The strategists held back Bola Tinubu to showcase Shettima who’s intellectual capacity and sagacity had not truly been interrogated at such a national level before now. Where is a better place to showcase him than at the gathering of the “learned”?.

He stylishly introduced his capacity by telling you that in a bank (owned by an Ibo man), he has the history of the fastest career progression.

So while Obedients were busy discussing fashion, Shettima is sold to the world as a perfect complement to a master development strategists (Tinubu).

All news paper headlines since then as well as opinion articles have been rating him A+. He was adjudged the *Stat boy*

That is what the international community and investors would want to read.

He invited them to a future investment climate where security will tackles heads on by a man who had been in the theater of the war for 18yrs leading the charge.

BAT/Shettima are building the storm already while Obedients are stirring water in a tea cup.

-Azim Kunle Ashimi

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