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#Olusola Oni: Yoruba Party Candidate in the UK 2024 Election Loses to Labour Party

Peckham, United Kingdom – In a closely watched race, Olusola Oni, the Yoruba Party candidate, lost to the Labour Party’s Miatta Fahnbulleh in the Peckham constituency during the UK 2024 election. Despite Oni’s spirited campaign and firm stance on various issues, the Labour Party retained the seat with 58.8% of the vote.

However, the above data for the Labour Party marked a 12.0 percentage point drop from the 2019 UK elections.

The results also revealed a significant swing of +13.3 per cent from Labour to the Green Party, which indicates a shift in voter sentiment.

A detailed breakdown of the votes and their share percentages, as reported by Bloomberg, shows Miatta Fahnbulleh (Labour): 22,813 votes, 58.8 per cent, -12.0 points, Claire Sheppard (Green): 7,585 votes, 19.6 per cent, +14.5 points; Ben Mascall (Conservative): 2,276 votes, 5.9 per cent, -5.4 points, and Olusola Oni (The Yoruba Party in the UK): 261 votes, 0.7 per cent. As contained in the website of The Yoruba Party in the UK, Oni’s campaign focused on addressing critical issues such as climate change, the NHS, taxes, the economy, and immigration. In a press release on June 14, 2024, Oni articulated his stance, criticizing both the Labour and the Conservative parties for their ineffective approaches;

“Labour and Tory are not capable of solving the nation’s problems because they are locked in an endless cycle of call-and-response jabber. On climate change, we say to plant millions of trees to trap carbon. “On the NHS, we say replace controllers (managers) with organizers (administrators).

On taxes, we say reducing them impoverishes the nation and is counterproductive. “On the economy, we say go out and create markets in Africa for British goods and services. On immigration, we say integrate non-registered workers engaged in the hidden economy, worth 11% GDP and untaxed, into the nation’s workforce, and tackle refugee/asylum seekers in their home country not here in the UK.” Labour wins UK general elections In a related development, Keir Starmer, the Labour Party candidate, has won the UK general election and will become the next Prime Minister.

Headlinenews.news reported that Labour reached the required 326 parliamentary seats.

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