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#Osinbajo: Church Must Shun Donations From Unexplained Affluence

Former Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo has urged the church to scrutinize the sources of wealth of politicians making donations to support evangelism.
Osinbajo made this call during his address on Saturday at the inaugural lecture in honor of the late senior pastor of Fountain Life Church, Taiwo Odukoya.
The lecture, titled ‘Strengthening the Christian voice in government or public office,’ took place at the Civic Center in Victoria Island, Lagos.
Osinbajo emphasized the importance of the church instilling good values in Christians to guide them when they enter public service.

“How often do those who receive money from politicians and other sources inquire about the source of the funds?” the former vice-president questioned.
“So the key is not the number of Christians in government, business, or professions, but rather, what values are they equipped with?
“What gospel principles do they understand and adhere to in their daily professional, or public lives?”

Tolu Odukoya, the associate senior pastor of the church, expressed that the lecture would carry forward the legacy of empowerment established by her late father.
“It is with great joy and gratitude that I welcome you to the inaugural Daniel Odukoya lecture,” Tolu remarked.
“Today signifies the initiation of a significant tradition within our church, paying tribute to my father, our father, the founding father of the Fountain of Life Church.”
During his lecture, Ben Akabueze, the Director-General (DG) of the budget office of the federation, stressed the importance of Christians in positions of power upholding ethical principles.

“In today’s society, governments function within a diverse and pluralistic framework, where diversity encompasses not just cultural and ethnic backgrounds but also a variety of world views,” Akabueze stated.
“Christianity exists alongside other faiths and secular perspectives, requiring a respectful and collaborative governance approach.
It’s crucial for Christians to engage respectfully with other faiths, without compromising their beliefs but finding ways to express them.
He encouraged Christians in positions of authority to seek forgiveness and course-correct when they stray from their values.
“I urge each of you to step into leadership roles, as your presence and voice in these spaces can have a significant impact,” he added.
“No one is infallible, and leaders will make mistakes; thus, Christians in public office should demonstrate humility and a readiness to seek forgiveness.”
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