Paradise estate residents demand title documents from developer


By Funmilayo Adeyemi

The Paradise Estate Home Owners and Residents Association (AHOAR) in Life Camp, Abuja, requires publication of their title deeds from the developer, who also owns Lekki Gardens, Lagos.

The association’s president, Mr. Samson Oche, who led a protest by residents, requested it during a press conference in Abuja on Friday.

The Nigeria News Agency (NAN) reports that residents carried signs with inscriptions such as “Where are our land titles Richard”; “Our roofs give way at the slightest storm.

“We want to live in a secure domain with title deed” and “The residents of Paradise Estate Life Camp are tired of your lies” to convey their demands.

Oche lamented that the developers promised to hand over their title deeds to the owners within three weeks of handing over the units, but for more than three years that promise had not been kept.

“We were promised that it would only take three weeks from the delivery date of our homes to receive our housing document, but three years later it’s stories after stories.

“We have poor infrastructure in this residence which led to the destruction of residents’ homes during the recent rainstorm in Abuja and they dragged their feet to repair and compensate the victims.

“There have been alterations to buildings on our estate by people illegally making requests to the Development Control Department without the consent of the Residents’ and Homeowners Association to alter the original designs,” he said. -he declares.

Oche also condemned establishing a school in the area, saying it was not part of the initial terms given to residents when they purchased the property.

“One of the terms was that this place is strictly for residential purposes, but now the purpose has been distorted with the school,” he said.

He also mentioned the lack of proper perimeter fencing and no site created for a recreation area, adding that “these were the things that were used to advertise ownership to us.”

One of the inhabitants, Mr. Ogbugo Ukoha called on the management of the development control to come to the assistance of the inhabitants by calling the developer to order.

“I’ve been living here for almost 15 months and the most important thing is the title question. The developer sold the property to everyone off plan.

“So, to the owners’ surprise, we found out that in February 2020, they had been in court for five years before and during which they were still selling.

“And in February 2021, the CTF High Court ruled against Heaven allotting this land to a third party, meaning those of us who bought were tricked into buying assets we don’t own.” , did he declare.

Ukoha said the matter was appealed because they held several meetings with the developer’s board.

He said the chief executive of the board assured they had entered into negotiations to settle the matter out of court as this was the only way the owners would be assured of their property.

Ms. Anne Igah, also a resident, called on property developer Paradise to do what is necessary by providing residents with their title deeds.

Igah also urged them to obey the agreement by ensuring that they maintain their original position of making the estate a residential estate.

“It took me over four to five years to move here. I lived in an estate down the street and we never had a problem with our roof.

“Here, every time it rained, we have to pray that our roof does not blow off. Who builds a house in less than two years and already changes the roof, no one does that.

“But in Heaven, that’s what we’re up against today.

“We also have plumbing issues because we have to spend a lot of our money doing all the repairs we haven’t negotiated and we all know what the economy looks like right now,” she said. declared. (NAA)


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