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#Peter Obi Is Now A National Project – Ohanaeze Declares

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Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide, the apex Igbo socio-cultural organization, has given full backing to Peter Obi.

The organization said Peter Obi, the presidential flag bearer of the Labour Party, is no longer an ‘Igbo project’.

The National Publicity Secretary of the organisation, Chief Alex Ogbonnia, said the Igbo had “exported him to the rest of Nigeria”, and added that Nigerians had “accepted and domesticated him”.

He spoke on the backdrop of the recent visit by some Igbo elders to the Sultan of Sokoto and the President-General of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, Muhammad Abubakar, to intensify consultation and concretise plans for a president from Igbo extraction in 2023.

The Secretary-General of Igbo Elders Consultative Forum, Prof. Charles Nwekeaku had told Headlinenews.news Correspondent that the Igbo felt “betrayed by the Peoples Democratic Party, amongst other political parties.”

According to him, the Igbo have found another route to the 2023 presidency through Obi, who he said, had received the backing of northerners.

Reacting, Ogbonnia, in an interview with Saturday, backed the elders.

He said, “As you must have heard, some Igbo elders are doing some consultations. We are still insisting on Igbo presidency. In the first place, if you watch the polity, you will see a lot of advocacies about Igbo presidency by Ohanaeze Ndigbo.

“We, the Igbo people, are so happy. We brought out our goods in the market and Nigerians bought them. What else do you expect us to do? We are happy. All Igbo are happy.

“Throughout last year and the year before, we have been talking about the Igbo presidency. Ohanaeze struggled to bring it to the fore. Luckily for us, Nigerians have bought it and domesticated it. Our product has been purchased.

“It is clear that the candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, is no longer an Igbo project. He is now a national project. Ohanaeze has pushed out the matter to the rest of Nigeria,” he said.

Meanwhile, the factional Chairman of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Lagos Branch, Chief Solomon Ogbonna-Aguene, said Igbo people would only vote for a candidate with the interest of the South-East region at heart.

He also advised Igbo indigenes in Lagos not to ‘put their eggs in one basket’ while trying to support a presidential candidate.

He said Ohanaeze Ndigbo in Lagos had agreed to only vote for a presidential candidate who would better the lives and change the fortunes of Ndigbo in Lagos.

Ogbonna-Aguene said, “Ndigbo in Lagos should not put their eggs in one basket. We must be mindful of what we say. Whoever you vote for should be able to change your life for the better. Also, we have to know the person with the interest of Ndigbo at heart; one who prioritises Ndigbo. That is the one we will vote for the presidency.

Nigerians React:
Does this Ohaneze take Nigerians as fools? Sometime ago, they rejected Obi, now they said he is a National Project and they have given him to Nigerians! Which Nigerians? Please spare us your rubbish. Nobody asked for Obi. We want someone outside APC and PDP to govern and make a change. Obi is PDP and an APGA product. He is a product of the warped system and a part of the problem. Obi can’t do nothing, because he is contaminated and a member of the PDP a few days to the Primary. He can’t be trusted. Keep your Obi, we don’t need him.
Oluwatoyin Adegbite. Banker , Lagos.

* Who or what is Ohaneze? Are you people not interested in Biafra anymore? Abeg, carry your Obi and clear out. Nigerians don’t need your Greek gift. Who are you fooling? You cannibals. Obi can never win any state in the North. Never. So, how does he want to be the President. You people don’t understand politics. Obi needs to win 25 States to be President. Can he win 5 states? Stop deceiving yourselves. You can only be President if the Yorubas support you besides the SS and SE. And most important if you can win at least 12 Northern States. That’s the truth. Where will Obi find those votes? Will he steal them? Stop wasting your time! Go and establish your Biafra. Give Obi President of Biafra.
Rivers, Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa will not follow you Ooo. Count us out!
Eng. Miruobebe, Yenagoa.

* Ohaneze, una never tire? Abegi, Stop wasting your time going to Sultan of Sokoto. Do you think the Northerners will forget how you slaughtered their leaders in cold blood in the most treacherous betrayal of trust ever recorded in Nigeria’s political history. The truth is that you guys can never be trusted with power. We Must all learn from history. History is a great teacher. He Who learns not from history will get lost! The Ancestors of the slain Northern Leaders will never rest nor will they forgive the Ibos and their generation. You can’t forgive them easily or they will repeat the same act of treason or treachery. I agree the Ibos should be allowed to leave Nigeria.
Arc. Damilola Olayeni, Ibadan, Oyo.
* ibos hate the Yorubas and that’s why they lost the Biafran war. General Adekunle, 3rd Marine Commandos- ” everybody take position” finished them. My father told me all about it. Today, the Ibos are envious of the relationship between the North & Yorubas. They tried to destroy it but failed and will always fail. Yorubas must think well and get their relationship with the North watertight. Even Wike is not wanted in the North. Ohaneze is wasting time going to see the Sultan. Forget it.
Mohammed, Tailor, Kogi.

* Please, I don’t know if anyone reading this Ohaneze article understood the contradiction there. They claim Obi is a National Project, then they now ended their presentation with the Ibos in Lagos, and that they will only vote a President that can take care of the Ibo’s interest in Lagos. So, only the Ibos in Lagos is important in a National Project? Other tribes resident in lagos don’t matter. Also, what of other States beside lagos? So lagos is what the Ibos are after? If I was a yoruba man from Lagos, I would make sure the Ibos’ C of O are revoked after the elections and they are sent back to their States. Set up special fees or free education for Yoruba children and Students, free hospital treatment for Yorubas, reduced rental for shop rent for yorubas, industrial parks for yorubas only etc. These Ibos are after Lagos.
Halima, Teacher, Nasarawa

* ibos must leave Yorubaland in 2023 before or after elections. They have overstayed their welcome. Enough. We want to claim our land back. They stopped a lady who wore Tinubu’s tshirt to Alaba. Are they crazy? We need to act now. They said Tinubu should not campaign in Iboland. Who wants their useless bloody votes? We will win without them. They are deceiving themselves. Where will they gey votes to win Presidency? They are mad.
Alhaji Taju, Union, Ondo.
* Obi can never get 5% votes in the Northwest and NorthEast States. He is deceiving himself.
No hausaman or Fulani will vote for him. The children of the killers of our leaders? Never. Let Obi be President with all the SE and SS votes. The Ibos will realise they are nothing without the North and the Yorubas. They are ingrates. We hate them in the North. We detest them. When Atiku campaigned in 2019, Obi didn’t follow him to the North. He would have been killed by irate youths. They advised him to stay behind. Let him try it this time. We are waiting for him. He will know his ambition is dead on arrival when he reaches the North. Let social media make him President.
Adamu Mohammed, BDC, Zamfara.

* Obi is not wanted in the North. He should keep away from here. Nobody likes or want him in the North. He has caused religious sentiments into his campaign. He has asked the Christians to support him, we are Muslims in the North. Let the Christians vote fir him. He must not come to Northwest or we will finish him. Ohaneze want to come to Sultan, we will stone you when you come. You murdered our leaders and now you want our support? God punish you. Danburuwaka. Shege. Barao Banza.
Aliyu Bello. Trader, Sokoto.

* Ohaneze, go talk to Arewa. They will tell you the position of the North. Don’t go to our Sultan. You have no business with our spiritual leader. You are not a Muslim. We don’t want you in the North, so respect yourself.
Hajia Aisha, Kaduna.


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