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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

#Real Undisputed Figures & Facts To Determine The Winner Of The 2023 Elections.

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There are;

176,846 polling units in Nigeria

96,954,523 Registered voters,

549 RV/P.U

Of these Registered Voters and P.Us;

51,768,444 Voters and 93,191 P.Us are in Northern Nigeria,

556 RV/P.U

45,186,079 Voters and 83,655 P.Us are in Southern Nigeria,

540 RV/P.U

The Northwest has 22,677,756 voters and 41,671 P.Us(545 V/P.U)

The Southwest has 18,332,294 voters and 34,808 P.Us(527V/P.U)

The North-Central+FCT has 16,289,449 voters and 27,514 P.Us(593 V/P.U)

The South-South has 15,362,324 voters and 27,126 P.Us(567 V/P.U)

The Northeast has 12,801,239 voters and 24,006 P.Us(534 V/P.U)

The Southeast has 11,491,461 voters and 21,631 P.Us(532 V/P.U)

These are facts that will determine 2023,

Not really insults, abuses and threats!

To those who would like to see the crowds, be patient. Wait for the campaigns proper to start after September 28, 2022. The crowds you will see will sift those who make noise from those who make news.

There is no polling unit on social media. So, if you like, you can catch your cruise and win your election there!


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